Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Josephine Patchwork Quilt

My sister Whitney needed a quilt to give as a gift.  I love most anything French General related by Moda - so this was the perfect time to order up some Josephine!  I love the deep red and browns in this line.  Reminds me of their Maison de Garance line they had a few years back. 
So I started cutting up a layer cake to make the Double Slice quilt from the Missouri Quilt Star tutorial. 
I had just made this quilt 3 times - I didn't need to pull up the tutorial - I have it memorized....do you see a problem here?  I cut my layer cake right in half and sewed 2 5 inch stripes together before even realizing that wasn't right.  The sad thing is....I cut 2 quilts at the same time - so I did it wrong twice! I was SO MAD!  But my sister is easy and loves a good patchwork - so I made 4 patches instead and went ahead. 

I think it turned well in the end.  I chose the Drop of Paisley pattern for quilting.  she wanted a minky back - so I wanted something bold that would stand out!  This was the ticket. 

Got it sewn, quilted, and bound in a day or two - pretty good for having a Christmas rush - and now I want my own quilt out of this line!  LOVE IT!  But more importantly - giving a quilt is one of the best gifts out there!  And my sisters friend loved it!  Said one of the best gifts they have ever gotten.  Makes it all worth it. 

Jake's Baby Quilt

So I started this quilt when I was pregnant with Jake.  Brown and blue was all the rage and this was going to be his baby quilt. 

I used all the brown and blue plaids from the Chocolate line by 3 Sisters for Moda.  They had the BEST wovens in this line!  The border was their brushed cotton and so soft!  I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson Designs because - well that was my go to pattern back then and is still a great one! 
So the quilt had been sewn and sitting in the closet for years - 5 of them to be exact.  When I first got my new machine I decided I needed to venture out from edge to edge and try some borders - so I used this one as my practice quilt.  I liked all the swirl results! 
Used Denali for the center and Romance Feather in the border. 

I used the Mode Home blue/brown polka dot for the backing. 

Glad to have this quilt done and off my to do list.  Finally got it bound on our very long road trip to Tahoe over Thanksgiving. 
This never made it to Jake to be his baby quilt - but its the thought - right?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Client Quilts - Christmas Edition

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We had a great time at the Latimer house.  With how busy this year has been - I have to say I'm glad all the d├ęcor is down and we can get back to normal! 
I haven't posted client quilts in awhile - and I have been doing some fun ones lately!  Wanted to share with you some Christmas ones I've done over the past few months.  I sure love a good Christmas quilt - here are a few!
Becca made this cute one out of one of my all time favorite Christmas lines.  Count Down to Christmas?  Sweetwater by Moda. Love this line!
At first she wasn't sure she wanted a Christmas pattern - glad she changed her mind cause it looked perfect on this quilt!

We settled on Christmas Snow - and it looked SO cool - the back was like a big four patch of solid red and green - so this pattern looked AWESOME!

Here's a close up.  The pattern takes FOREVER to quilt out - but so worth it!  If you have a Christmas quilt finished - hurry and send it over to get the $.01 inch special as this pattern won't be staying at this price!

This next quilt I think is such a cute HST pattern!  I started making HST out some squares of Joy I have lying around.  I love how this one turned out!
She chose Glacee for her pattern - a perfect pair. Her backing is this fun mishmash of Christmas cheer - my kids would die to be cozied up in this all season long!

This next quilt from Susan was simple and sweet.  I love patchwork quilts and this one was no exception. 

I loved the borders - snowflakes and mittens.  I have to say - the joys of quilting - I see things that would be out of my box.  I don't know if I've ever paired 2 bold prints together as borders - now that I've seen this one - I wonder why that always scared me.  Its my favorite part of her quilt!

She chose Glacee for this quilt - my most popular Christmas design by far!  Its a good one!

Same fun backing on this quilt.  I love a good backing!

This next quilt is from Judy - and I love it!  (I know I say this about most quilts - its a problem...every quilt that comes through my door I think I have to make).  But I do love this ones - its Christmas - its stars.  My 2 favorite types of quilts!

We chose Holly for this quilt.  I love this pattern.  I love Holly berry patterns so this one is one of my favorites!

Fit perfectly with this cute holly berry backing - This quilt would be such a fun scrap quilt of all reds, whites, and greens - Loved working on this!

Neesha sent me a box of quilts.  What I love about Neesha's quilts - is that they are all on my to do list already.  So I get to see them completed!  We have similar tastes in fabric choses as well as patterns so they are so fun to quilt up. 
This pattern is Rosette's by Fig Tree and I have LOVED this pattern since the first time I saw it.  With all the other quilts on my list and how busy life is at the moment - I doubt this quilt will be done in my near future - so I so enjoyed working on this quilt. 

She used Basic Grey's Blitzen line from last year.  Although I love their line this year Aspen Frost - I think Blizten might win the contest.  I really love this line and the grey prints especially.  Lucky for me I stashed away 2 quilts worth of this fabric last year....

She chose Glacee for this quilt which went perfect with the fabrics.
This red tonal paisley border KILLS me.  I love it so much!

The back fabric she used is from Aspen Frost - and I immediately went out and bought myself a bolt of it.  YES A BOLT!  I try not to play favorites - but this is at the top of my list of Christmas quilts I've ever seen - let alone quilted up!

Liz brought me some cute Christmas quilts to give to her granddaughters.  This is such a fun quilt and I love the appearance of black in Christmas quilts!

We used Flirtatious as the quilt pattern.  I am loving this new to me pattern.  It adds texture without taking away from the quilt (perfect for this one with some applique on it) yet its whimsical and fun. 

Reminds me of ribbons which was prefect for this quilt.  I love how it shows up on her backing fabric. 

Her next quilt was made using Anna Maria Horners Christmas line from last year I think.  I don't know how I missed out on this line.  It is so cute!

Liz chose Holly Panto for her quilt pattern - this is my favorite Christmas pattern I have!

You can't see it well in the picture, but this border fabric has a light green almost tonal ornament print on it.  Was my favorite print in the quilt - again - how did I miss this line!

I also loved the backing with the Noel fabric and pieced center.  I'm loving pieced backings more and more, adds so much character to a quilt!

The next 3 quilts were made using the Fat Quarter Shops - free Christmas BOM pattern.  They are all so cute and was fun to see the differences between them. 

Debra and Jessica are sisters and made theirs out of the Aspen Frost collection by Basic Grey.  (As you know I'm slightly obsessed with their fabrics)

Aren't these ornament blocks so cute?  I want a whole quilt out of them!

Used Glacee on both and I think they turned out so fun and festive.  Makes me want to go back and make one myself!

Deb made the same pattern - using different fabrics.  Her placement is also a little different - the trees are on the bottom of the mugs on this quilt!  See - so fun to see where people mixed it up!

Deb chose Bubbles for her quilt - I love how they are fun and whimsical just like this quilt!

I think the blocks in the quilt are so cute - wouldn't this wreath be fun on a table runner? 

Or the Ornaments as a runner?  The ideas are flowing for me now - I better get started!

Lani was one of the last Christmas looking quilts I did right before Christmas.  This pattern is so fun (I can't remember the name of the pattern)  I made it a few years ago seen here and remember what a fun time I had with this quilt. 

I LOVED quilting it up in these fun funky Christmas fabrics!  The border fabric is to die for!  I loved everything about this quilt!

Lani chose Flurry - she was the first customer to try this new snowflake pattern and I love it.  I keep going back and forth on if I like this one more then Glacee - I think I might! 

She used minky for her backing - and come on - any quilting snowflake or not is going to look great - but this pattern looks amazing on the minky! 

I'm sure I have a few Christmas ones I missed in this bunch - but I'm trying to organize my pictures and post each week what I've worked on - so for 2014 I'll do better with these. 
I appreciate all your loyalty and support with my business this year.  It is such an inspiration to get to work on these beautiful quilts each day.  Sadly my stash is growing because I need to copy all your quilts!  Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Christmas Table Toppers

I'm obsessed with this topper - I have 2 others done - and am working on my 4th one as of tonight.  I had a client send me one to quilt and fell in love!  Now I want to make them with every spare charm pack or mini I own!  

I used a charm back of Joy by Kate Spain for Moda for this one.  Out of 1 charm pack - you cut squares down to 2 1/2 and you can get a full topper and the middle of another one.  I used an Avalon (Fig Tree) charm pack and did one just like the Christmas one - and than did one with the middle patchworked with a border around it instead of the squares.   ANYWAYS - love this and you'll be seeing a lot more of these!  

I quilted it using the Glacee  pattern and love how it turned out!  

Isn't it cute all set up for Christmas (was cute)!

The next one is this simple square table topper out of Sentiments by 3 Sisters.  The more I see out of this line the more I'm drawn to it.  

I used Christmas Paisley for this one.  Love how it looks on the plain red backing.  

I love table toppers - great to have around the house when you need a little color and perfect for those quick gifts you decide you need last minute.  

I'm not very good at using all my scraps when they just sit around - so after I'm done with a quilt - if the leftover fabrics are just scrappy - I try to cut up to make a runner or topper.  Gets a quick project out of the way and makes me feel like I'm using all my fabric!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whit's Fall Star Quilt

I have a few quilts I want to get added to my 2013 completed side bar - so I've got a few posts in the next few days for my own "record" purposes!  

I didn't know what to get my sister Whitney for Christmas.  She has been so kind and thoughtful this month trying to help me, cleaning my house, leaving me little surprises.  All in the name of trying to bring my some Christmas cheer.  

I wanted to get her something fun - but wasn't feeling anything.  She had asked for a fall quilt in October - that sadly didn't get to her in time for fall.  So on the 24th - I quilted this baby up and got her bound for Christmas morning.  

I used this tutorial yet again (I LOVE how quick and easy this pattern is!)
Whit loves loops - so I went with that -  and a flannel striped back.  Perfect for snuggling up with!  Hope you enjoy Whit!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Precuts Have Arrived!!!!

You may or may not know - but I've been running a little Etsy shop for about 5 years now.  I sell quilts and runners and stash fabric over the last few years.

I've recently decided to try selling small pickins of yardage and now precuts!

To help me get started - and hopefully push my little shop in the right direction - I put my eggs (and money) into April Showers by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  If you haven't seen this line yet - you are going to die when you do.  The prints are perfect (as usual) great colors, grey, red, blue, greens and yellow.  I couldn't think of a better line to start my little venture out with!

April Showers isn't due to ship out til March - but Moda offered a Sample Spree sale where we could order a limited amount of precuts - so today is your lucky day!

I've got 1 fat eight bundle, jelly rolls, charms and mini's so jump in and get yours today!  I've got more coming in February - and yardage of this line in March.  Stay tuned for some fun kits to pop up too!

I also have a few precuts of Color Me Happy by Vanessa Christenson.  I have LOVED every single quilt I have seen come out of this line!  Run to her store to get these patterns.  These 3 are on my to do list....


Yardage will be arriving in March for the triangle one - and I can't wait!

Remember this quilt that Sherri made a few months back?  I love this pattern and have wanted to make this quilt ever since I quilted hers (this happens to me a lot lately).  Wouldn't this be perfect out of Color Me Happy?  I'm so excited - I might start cutting it out tonight!

Head on over to the shop if you're interested in any of these precuts.  They are going fast!  If you order today/tomorrow/Saturday - you can still get the in time for Christmas!!!

Happy Shopping!