Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesdays- Quilting Update

A few picture of what I got done this last weekend.
First up is this cute quilt - the picture does not even come close to doing it justice.  It was so cute. Greys, reds, and navy.  I think this is a great pattern (Atkinson Designs).  All the fabrics were geometric designs.  My client told me to pick the design - so I went with Geometric which is triangles and fit in well with the look and feel.  I want to run out and buy myself all these prints.  It was such a cute quilt. 
This next quilt I used Rose Leaves.  My client picked this pattern and I hadn't used it before. 

I love getting to use new patterns.  This quilt was so cute.  Love all these squares.  The quilting pattern was a lot cuter quilted out too.  Funny how I don't always love the look when I first see them on paper, but once quilted they look so pretty!

This next quilt I threw together.  I started it about 4 years ago....had 4 rows sewn together.  I pulled it out a few years ago to give as a wedding gift.  They have been married and have their 2nd kid on the way - so that should give you a good time frame of how late I am.  I decided to pull it out a few weeks ago to give as a gift to someone - and missed that deadline too.  SERIOUSLY! 

So this weekend I told myself I was getting it sewn and quilted - and I did.  Love how the quilting turned out.  I used Drop of Paisley as the quilting pattern - and loved it.  I have been wanting to try this one for awhile, and I was happy with how it quilted out.  This back was in my stash - and I even pieced my batting from a couple of strip scraps so I feel like this was kind of one of those freeish quilts.  Love those!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Getaway

So a few weeks ago - Mike decided to book a week up in Park City.  I was a little annoyed as I am so busy at work these days - how would I be able to get away?  He also booked it on a weekend when I had a big roll out and wouldn't be able to come up right away.

Friday night rolls around and he got the kids all packed up and ready and headed up.  They spent the night hot tubbing and playing their ipads. 

I finally got up there around midnight - to sleeping boys. 

I was amazed at how much we did Saturday and Sunday.  We had such a fun time and did so much - it made it all worth the trip. 

Saturday we went sledding at Gorgoza Park.  It was so much fun!  If you have little ones - and are in the area I would highly recomment it. 


We had a little take out at Baja Cantina and then Jake and I went out for a little night skiing.  It is so peaceful and nice to be up there at night.  I love to watch Jake ski - he loves it so much.  He wants to stay out all night!  He fell once or twice and when I went over to help him up he looked up at me and said - "that was a good battle wound mom". 

Sunday, Mike headed out to ski while the kids and I were lazy and laid in bed.  It was nice to sleep in and not have to do anything or be anywhere.  Jake went back out for for another day of skiing and by the end of the day he was going up lifts and getting mad that Mike wouldn't let him ski down blue runs.

Sam and I decided we were going to hit the Alpine Coaster Sunday afternoon.  He wanted to go fast the whole ride up - but as soon as we started going down, he wanted me to slow down.

All in all we had a nice little getaway.  I'm always surprised at what gets backed into a few days.  We spent time hot tubbing and the boys even swam.  

I would never tell Mike, but I'm glad he booked the room, even though I wasn't happy at first.  It was a nice needed break away from life.  Something we should do more often!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Menu Mondays

I say this all the time - but I have trip next month - and I would really love to lose 10 pounds before I leave.  So I am going to eat less, jump on the low carb menu Mike's been doing - and see what happens. 

I may even give up the coke...not the Red Bull...but the coke and drink more water which will help in the fight against my Red Bull addiction! 

Monday - Egg Salad Sandwiches w/fruit
Tuesday - Taco Salad
Wednesday - Chicken Salsa
Thursday - Steak w/ salad
Friday - Chicken Meatballs w/Pineapple

Trying to use up what I have in the freezer - so here's a start.  My goal this week is smaller portions and low carb.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Upcoming Projects

I totally need to get back on my path of Swoon blocks and BOM catch up - but I saw this quilt a few weeks ago when we were in St George and fell in love.

I've order the layer cakes and this will be on my list in the near future.  The pattern is Plan C from a Miss Rosie Schnibbles book.  I have wanted to make this quilt ever since I saw Sherri's Plan C a few years ago.  I immediatley went out and bought the layer cakes and charm packs to make my version of her same quilt.  I then ran into this one made out of 12 Days of Christmas and of course had to have my own just like this.  So with the new addition of the one above - I'm now up to 3 Plan C quilts.  Maybe I can chain piece and make them all together at the same time.

Obviously I'm loving this pattern as most quilts I see made from this pattern I LOVE!  Could it be the stars?  Either way I'm loving this Mama Said Sew line.  Currently I have the makings for 4 quilts out of it.  Why do I find the need to keep buying the same fabric line over and over again?  I vowed to not add to my collection and to move onto the next thing.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Client Quilts

The last few weeks have been busy with quilts.  It is always fun to see new designs I haven't used before come to life on a quilt.  Here are some I've done recently.

I love this quilt - the fabrics, the bright colors.  The line she used is great - Simply Color by V and Co for Moda.  I love the sashing and the gray cornerstones - just a fun all round quilt!

I used the Bubble Play pattern to quilt on it.  Hard to see on this quilt, but its big circles of different sizes all over the quilt.  I think it turned out really cute.  This is a great pattern for those modern quilts out there.  

This quilt below was beautiful.  My picture was taken late at night, so the lighting is bad, but it was yellows and grays and so cute!  She chose a pattern I hadn't used before so I was excited to give it a try.

She chose the Daisy Fast pattern which again is so hard to see on the back due to the fabric, but it turned out really cute.  

This was a fun variation of the jelly roll race quilt or a strip quilt.  I love these colors!  She chose 
Cotton Seed for her quilt pattern - I love this pattern 

I loved the back of this quilt - so easy - but instead of just doing 2 different fabrics side by side, she cut them into 4 squares.  Made the back a different and fun 4 patch.  

This next quilt was so cute - this quilt was small!  I think these stars were only like 3 inches (maybe 4) so tons of tiny piecing! She chose the Wish on a Star pattern.   

This next quilt was simple and fun - she chose the Airplane pattern to make it fun and toddleresk  

I hadn't used this pattern yet and it was so fun to try out.  I love how it looks on the minky!

This next pattern used was called Flowering Ribbons - I didn't get a picture of the front for some reason.  It is a quilt for a breast cancer patient and was such a beautiful quilt for her friend.  This pattern fit it great!

This was a fun quilt for a sweet little baby boy.  The fabrics were so cute with dogs, argyle and alphabet prints.  I was tempted to use a dog bone pattern I have -  but I think it has too many loops in it so I chose the Argyle pattern.

I have been wanting to try this one out - and it might be one of my new favorites!  I love how it turned out.  Almost looks like crosshatching.  This back fabric was so cute too!

This cute little bunny quilt was so fun a springy to do!  She chose Paisley Playtime and I love how it looks on this quilt. This was was one of those patterns that looks very different on the quilt from the thumbnail print.  I really like how it turned out! 

Looks great on the back!

This is the back of quilt with the pattern Feather Wave on it.  I really like how this turned out.  Looked great on this quilt.

And finally - a little custom quilting.  This was such a beautiful quilt and I loved working on it.  

In all the pieced blocks I put this flower.  The stitched blocks were either outlined or echoed if there was space.  

For the border she chose this pretty fan pattern.  

Tons of pictures I know!  If you're still with me thanks!  Hope you enjoyed this little parade.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jelly Roll Race Quilt featuring Mama Said Sew

Life has been crazy lately.  Busy at work, busy with quilts, busy at home.  I'm tired and worn out - and feel like I haven't sewn - like really sewn in awhile.

So last week - I pulled out a Mama Said Sew jelly roll - and went for it.  I used this tutorial and tried out the Jelly Roll Race I've heard all about online.

I needed a project I could start and get done.  I wanted to feel like I accomplished something.  I wanted to have a finished product to show for my time.

So I put a quilt on the ole machine and got it a quilting - and sat down and started sewing.

I'm happy to report by the end of the night - I had 2 quilts quilted and 1 quilt top sewn.

This picture was taken outside and just in time before the wind blew it away - it had also been folded up in my bag!  I have since added a black stop border around the top and auditioning border fabrics.  I will keep you posted.  I love how it turned out.

This is a quick and easy quilt to throw together.  People claim you can have a quilt done in 45 minutes - apparently I'm not that fast as mine took longer - but within a few hours it was done.  

I love how it turned out and love this line.  I'm thinking a minky back so it can become one of our favorite snuggle quilts!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Friends

Having 2 kids fairly close together in age - I've longed for the days where they get along well and start playing together like buddies.  I'm slowly seeing the benefits of not having an only child - for awhile I wasn't sure there was one...haha

Last weekend we took a little trip down south.  The weather was warm and my kids thought it was summer.  They were so excited to be out and about.  

Playing the water, playing at the park.  

Having fun and being silly together.  

I love the below picture, even though its blurry.  Sam just ran down the waterfall steps which is was nervous to do.  They ran down holding hands and at the bottom Sam was so excited saying "I did it, I did it." and Jake was clapping for him.  Such cute brother love.  

We came home and of course reality sets back in.  I work from home on Tuesdays and in recent months have spent my days on calls, which means I shooing these 2 away all day.  Last Tuesday Jake decided to take on the babysitter role.  While I was downstairs on calls, he made popcorn, put it in a bowl, poured them some drinks and was learning how to turn on their show when I came up to check on them.  They played so good together all day.  Sadly around 4pm Jake goes to his Little Gym class and as he was getting ready all the happiness, togetherness of the day fell apart.  

All day long Sam had been telling Jake that he was his best friend - it is what a mother waits to hear with 2 little toddlers running around.  Well, as we were loading into the car to take Jake - 
Sam says - "Jake, you're not my best friend anymore, dad is"
Jake getting hysterically says he's been replaced.  I tell him to calm down and he says 
"I have done EVERYTHING for him today - and he just replaced me with dad!" 

Needless to say - they were both crying hysterically by the time we got to Little Gym.  So much for having perfect days.  

Today their project of the day was to dump out their piggy banks and count their money.  Trying to put it together in piles that = dollars....We'll see how long this projects lasts today!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another Finish - Peace On Earth

This line came out a few years ago - and I loved it.  Bought a lot of it - still have bundles and yardage and bins full of it!  It was 3 Sisters - Peace on Earth.

I love this border print - and always wonder what to do with them.  

I saw this kit on a website somewhere and had the yardage to make it with what I had.  This pattern goes together in an afternoon - and a great way to showcase the fabric line.

This was the 3rd or so quilt I practiced on when I got my machine and chose a pattern called Wind Swirls.  It came together nicely!

I loved the map fabric in this line and used it for the back.  I finally got this quilt bound on my last trip.  I'm excited to have another one off my to do list!

Quilt Stats:
Fabric - Peace on Earth by 3 Sisters for Moda
Quilt Pattern - 5 & Dime by All Washed Up
Quilting Pattern - Wind Swirls 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Finish - Lucky Stars

I've shown this quilt a few times before - but this last weekend I got it completely finished!

We drove a few hours south and I did a little binding on my way home.  This quilt was supposed to be my January Lovely Year of Finishes project so I'm a month or two late - but better late then never!

I tried a new quilting pattern on this and love how it turned out.  

The backing fabric was my favorite print in the line.  I love this quilt and I'm so glad its finally done!  Now just deciding where to put it is the question!

Quilts Stats:
Quilt Pattern: Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs
Fabric line: Grace by 3 Sisters for Moda
Quilting Pattern: Floral Wave by Anne Bright
Thread: Baguette by Signature Threads

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lovely Year of Finishes - March Edition

Well - February for me was a bust in the sewing department!  I had wanted to get my swoon quilt sewn and quilted - didn't happen.  I got 1 block done - yes only 1!

I still have never gotten a good picture of this block.  I actually even lost it in the mess of my sewing room for awhile!

I can report that I have cleaned up the room a bit, found my block - and even have 2 more half way done - but the swoon completed quilt will definitely be a few months late.

Instead of feeling like a complete failure yet again this month of March - I have decided that at least I'm on the right track with trying to finish some quilts.

So my goals for March will be more realistic.  With a busy work month and a busy quilting month - I decided on the following goals...

- get caught up on the Blogger Girls BOM - I now have February and March blocks to do
- complete the swoon blocks - if I get these 2 in the works done I only have 2 more to go - I should be able to at least get all the blocks made.

Simple - that is a total 12 blocks for the month of March.  Wish me luck!

Linking up to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesdays and A Lovely Year of Finishes.