Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Week with Thimble Blossoms

It started a few weeks ago with an instagram from Camille Roskelley asking if I would be interested in doing some quilting for her....duh - yes of course!

She dropped off this beauty!  

I have been working on my own Swoon blocks for a year or so now - so seeing a completed Swoon quilt in person - and having it be the actual designers quilt - was kind of like Christmas.

She wanted the Baptist Fan  pattern quilted on it - I was nervous the whole time it was quilting - I mean when your life consists of work, kids, and quilting - Camille is kind of like a movie star in my world!  I was really happy with how it turned out and I think she was too!  You can see some great pictures of the finished quilt here.

While Camille was here - I asked for her opinion on a quilt done out of her and her mom's new line Scrumptious.  

I can't show the whole quilt just yet - but my client decided on crosshatch for the border and baptist fan for the center - I really like how it turned out.

Here's a pic of the back so you get an idea.  

The next day - I wanted to throw on a quilt to have going while prepping a big ole quilt.  I received this in the mail that day - and I had to pull it out!

12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain - in the Piece of Cake Thimble Blossom pattern....not sure there is a more perfect pairing!  I love this quilt and this line!  The quilting was hard to see on this picture - but she chose Holly Panto which is one of my favorite Christmas patterns.

The very next day - a cute new client brought me not one - but two Vintage Holiday quilts.  This quilt is on my to do list - so I loved getting to quilt them up.  

She chose a new Christmas pattern I just bought called Christmas Snow and the picture doesn't do this pattern justice.  I love the sizing of the snowflakes.  Fun pattern for Christmas quilts out there.

The two quilts were identical and we quilted them up that same way.  They turned out so cute!

Towards the end of an already busy busy week - Sherri dropped off a few quilts.  I was so excited to meet her in person - but sorry Sherri - I might have even been more excited to see this quilt in person!

Hopscotch is also on my to do list (the list is never ending).  Every time I've seen this pattern done up I've loved it - but seeing it in person and in Simply Color I almost couldn't part with this quilt!  I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!  

We chose the Chevron pattern for the quilting which I personally think was a perfect match.  

She backed with Moda Bella Solids Grey (or is it silver?) This is the chevron from the back so you can see it better.  Love this quilt!

So after a busy busy week - I thought I was done with seeing Thimble Blossom patterns (or fabric) for awhile.  I mean - I quilted 6 this week in this category.  But - lucky for me - I got a Swoon quilt delivered yesterday that I will be adding to the mix this week!  Can't wait to show you that one too.
This week has been exhausting - but what a great week to be inspired with all the amazing quilts I get to see and quilt each and every week.  Sure do love this little gig of mine!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

My little Jake isn't so little anymore.  Yesterday was his first day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe that my little baby is old enough to be dropped off at this big school and be away from us everyday!

He was so excited to go - he woke up on his own about 30 minutes before I had thought I'd have to wake him up "Mom, did I wake up in time to go to school?"  He was excited and happy - and didn't seem nervous at all.  I on the other hand was sick to my stomach and a mess on the inside.

We went to meet his teacher and walk the grounds last week and was given homework to make this gingerbread man.  He decided he wanted clothes sewn onto him, so we made him this cute little outfit.  We stayed up way too late last Saturday coming up with ideas.  Everyone was asleep and he came downstairs to tell me he couldn't sleep at about 10:30pm - so we started on his gingerbread man's clothes.  We had a fun night and hopefully some memories for him.  

I'll admit to getting a little teary after he went inside.  I just can't believe he is big enough to go to school.  He is so ready for this and will love it - but its hard to let your kids grow up and do things on their own sometimes.  

This week has made me want to quit my job (ok I feel that way every week) and homeschool my kids so they are never out of my site.  I've been taking deep breaths knowing this is so good for him and for me - and its all part of growing up - for both of us.  

Next week Sam starts Pre-school and I know the first day of school he will be screaming for me to stay and I'll be bawling, wanting to take him home.  That one is going to be tough!  

At least Jake is easy and excited to be going to school.  This waking up early thing may kill me though!  
The joys of motherhood.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Mondays

The weather here is a little cloudy and rainy - we have a rain/hail storm that was insane this weekend!  Last weekend we had a lightening storm - the sky was going from pitch black to blue every time the lightening struck. 

All this weather has made me excited for fall.  School started for Jake today (more on that tomorrow) and I feel the need to organize and structure our family lives a little more from our normal and from our crazy never go to bed summer schedule! 

With that - comes home cooked meals - and dinner as a family.  We have never been good about sitting around and talking during dinner.  Its usually "hurry and eat" so we can rush off to the next event. Or Mike and I catching up on our day - and the kids are playing games while eating.  Its time to veto the ipads from the table and connect. 

So in light of my new found self - I've got a good menu planned for the week!

Monday - Pesto Chicken w/fruit (Jake's choice as he back to school special meal)
Tuesday - Manicotti w/salad and garlic toast
Wednesday - Egg Sandwiches
Thursday - Chicken meatballs stir-fry w/fruit
Friday - Tilapia w/ salad and fruit

I feel soups coming on in the next few weeks?  Any great soup recipes out there I should be trying?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Cade Big Block Quilt

Lately I have needed some quick projects to keep me sane.  I need a little something that I can complete and feel like I've accomplished something.  

When I made this quilt - I had some left over HST - and I wanted to do something with them - so I made up this little block. 

I was thinking table topper or a block to put on a back of quilt - I was just happy I actually used the scraps.  

One day I was thumbing through Camille's new book - trying to decide what to make - and her big Churn Dash baby block was one of my favorites.  I needed a baby quilt for a gift - and was thinking I would whip that up.  

The lightbulb finally went off in my head - I had a good big block - why not add a border or two and get me to baby sized?  Which was great - since I had next to no time!

So that is what I did - the fabric is actually Kona Navy not black.

I decided to practice some straight line channel lock quilting - I like how it turned out!

Backing was a soft flannel navy and bound in a blue and white gingham.  

I had so much fun with this quilt - and it won't be my last big block quilt - I have now bought a little Happy Go Lucky to make the big Churn Dash block too.  Just need to find me some time now!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Client Quilts

I have quilts I can't believe I haven't posted yet - so you'll be seeing a few here.  I have to say I am amazed every day of the generosity and support from bloggers and quilters out there.  I love all the comments I get - and am amazed at the kindness of strangers out there that quickly become friends.  

Sherri at A Quilting Life blogged about this quilt all the way back in April.  I can't believe I haven't posted pictures of it yet.  I like to share quilts I've quilted to give people an idea of what the designs look like quilted out - but I have to say with this quilt - the fabrics do ALL THE TALKING!

It was so much fun to see a Scrappy Trip Along in person.  These quilts are all over instagram and blogs and I'm dying to get one going - but was thrilled to quilt and see Sherri's in person.  She chose a simple Loops and Swirls pattern which was perfect for this quilt.  I loved working with Sherri and it was so much fun to quilt someone's project which I actually followed all her stages.  Loved seeing her build her blocks, hear the stories about the fabrics and follow her progress on her blog and instagram.  Makes quilting it that much more meaningful!

The next set of quilts were sewn by Jodi of Pleasant Home.  I have been following Jodi's blog for a few years and was thrilled to get to work on some of her quilts.  I love to make table runners - and Jodi has made every cute runner you could ever want to make in life.  If you don't believe me - look here, here, here, here, here, here, and here - and let me tell you - I could link to more!  She has a ton!!!

The first quilt she sent me was her Great Granny quilt from the big quilt along a few months back.  I have started a quilt of my own using the granny block and after seeing this one - know I have to get going!  

Jodi chose the Paisley Playtime pattern.  Worked great with the look and feel of this quilt.  

This is the back.  The polka dot fabric went perfect with all the bright colors of the blocks and I LOVE how she threw the extra blocks on the back.  I need to do this with my backings - adds so much character!

Jodi then sent me another quilt that if I'm being honest - almost didn't get sent back to her.  I can't believe how much I loved this quilt.  I was chasing the sun in these pictures so they are kind of dark - and they do not do this quilt justice at all!

I had never seen a vintage sheet quilt in person.  I've always thought they were pretty and seemed like a fun idea when I'd see them out in blogland - but seeing one in person. You can't believe....

We went back and forth a lot on what pattern to pick with this one.  Jodi finally settled on  
Butterfly Garden.  I don't know if I've told Jodi this - but I was so nervous.  I had never quilted out this pattern before and it wasn't one I was in love with.  So to throw a pattern on a quilt like this...vintage sheets....what if the quilting ruined it?  

The quilting is kind of hard to see in the pictures - but it turned out so cute!  I LOVE this pattern.  

Do you see that butterfly?  It was such a cute fun pattern and I am so glad I finally got to quilt it and see it.  A great lesson to me to not judge the patterns by the picture.  After quilting this one out - I wanted to get yards of white fabric and just quilt a little square of each of my patterns.  Seeing this pattern in person totally changed my outlook on the little snippet of an image we are shown for these patterns.  

Again - the stripe of blocks across the back - adds such good character.  I have loved quilting for Jodi and even more so getting to know her.  Even though we haven't met - I feel like I have a wonderful new friend.  

Starting this little quilting business was meant to be an outlet for my hobby - a way to talk my husband into a new quilting machine and maybe get me out of my full time job.  It has turned into so much more.  I have met so many great people and get to interact with such fun ladies who understand this crazy  obsession we all have with fabric and sewing and balancing our lives!  What a wonderful place this little blogland can be!

I appreciate all the support you have all given me.  I'm very blessed.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nicey Jane Star Quilts

My husband keeps asking me how Sam is going to do in Pre School this year and if I'm going to have to go with him each day.  He is my more scared child and seems to have a routine.  If anything is outside his routine or comfort zone - he isn't in to it.  He kicks and screams and doesn't stop until he is back into his comfy zone.  

So this last year I've had him in a little Terrific Tot class where I drop him off and leave him for a few hours.  He does gym time, gymnastics, crafts, learns songs etc.  It has been really good for him.  He whines almost every day before he gets dropped off, but once he is there and in his routine he loves it.  The gym even offers a Parent Survival night twice a month where you drop off the kids for 3 1/2 hours - they feed them, play with them, watch a movie etc.  Sam LOVES it!  It has been a dream come true as I've actually seen a few movies the last few months.  After 5 years of next to no date nights, its been a fun change of pace for our whole family.  

Which brings me to these two quilts.  

Sam has the 2 best teachers ever who have made this life changing event possible for our family.  When his last day of class came around - I knew a little letter or a gift card wasn't enough.  I wanted to give them something that meant something.  Something to show how much I truly appreciate all they have done for my little Sammy.  

So I whipped out these quilts - literally - in about 5 days time.  That may be a new record for me!  I came across this tutorial in blogland and have been wanting to make it.  I have a love affair with stars - and it seemed like the perfect big, bold pattern that would still come together quickly.  

These teachers are both from a younger generation and I wanted to use some stash fabric - so I pulled out my Nicey Jane collection that has gone untouched for years.  I have to be honest - it was so hard cutting into these fabrics!

I told the girls they must know how much I love them because I went through using this fabric.  I even started another quilt out of different fabrics at one point cause I wasn't sure I was really willing to part!  

I LOVE how they turned out and was so happy with the pattern, fabrics, and quilting.  

I used the Chevron pattern for both and love how they turned out.  It is so much fun to give a quilt away that means something.  It is also fun to finish up 2 projects from 100% stash fabric!  Nothing feels better.  My next project is to make myself something out of Nicey Jane - I LOVE THIS LINE!!!!

Keep in mind I have a deal going on edge to edge patterns right now - please see below

Currently running a special of ALL Edge to Edge designs are $.01 an inch.  This is a great deal and won't last forever, so take advantage while you can!  
I am offering a 1 week turnaround on edge to edge designed quilts.
Quilts with edge to edge design but separate border design are $.015 for up to 2 borders.  
Custom quilting begins at $.02 an inch and goes up depending on complexity.  
I have batting available for $7 a yard.
I will ship quilts back - and only charge actual shipping costs.  
No hidden costs!  Quilting, Batting, and tax if you live in Utah are the only charges on the invoice.  

Contact me if you're interested - check out mypinterest board to view designs.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Mondays

Anyone out there have any good recipes you've tried lately?  I need to get some new ideas into my rotation! 

Here's this week's menu

Monday - Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
Tuesday - Scallops w/ salad
Wednesday - Pesto Stuffed Pasta Shells
Thursday - French Dip
Friday - Leftovers or out

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Client Quilts

I have had the privilege of working with the great ladies from Homestead Hearth.  If you aren't aware of them run fast to their website.  They have every block of the month you can imagine, kits galore and are featured in many a magazine! 
The below quilt is Portrait of a Lady.  This quilt is amazing in person.  Pictures don't even come close to doing it justice. 
They asked for an all over feather design.  Debs Feathers was the perfect choice. 

I LOVE this border - if I never make this quilt - I have to find a way to incorporate this border into a quilt! Fabric line used was Kanas Troubles I believe. 

This next quilt is a new Turning 20 pattern.  It was so bright outside the day I took these its hard to see.  this is an enormous quilt!

I LOVE all the plaids and fabrics in this quilt.

The border print was my favorite!

Quilt pattern used is called Country Cousins and I love how it looks on this quilt. 
BTW this backing fabric can be found here for $18 - for 6 yards....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

This next quilt - was beautiful and feminine.  I loved all these floral prints.  This is by far the LARGEST quilt I have ever done.  It almost didn't fit on my quilting frame!  Very large king sized quilt. 

The pattern chose to quilt in was Paisley Playtime.

This is a great dense pattern if you're looking for one - but hurry cause it won't stay $.01 an inch for long!  This pattern and quilt took a long time and 16 bobbins!  I've never used that many bobbins before! 

So worth it as it turned out great!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Schnibbles - Lincoln

I'm so excited to be able to submit a quilt for the Schnibbles parade that Sherri and Sinta put on!  Its a little bit of a cheater - since I actually had it done awhile back - but I finally got it quilted and bound this month! 

Each month I love the pattern chosen and swear I'm going to make one - and each month I watch the parade pass me by not having gotten anywhere close to starting the project yet finishing it - so I'm thrilled to be able to participate this month!

I saw this quilt awhile back - and knew I had to have my own fall version.  I love the blacks, oranges, and purples in this quilt. 

I have been working on a big quilt at that same time that is still in progress - after whipping this one out quickly I don't know what is taking me so long with the big one!  I got this one done in a few days.  Originally the star blocks were bright white - I tea dyed them so they wouldn't stand out so much.  I really like how it turned out.
I pulled the backing from my stash - which I love when I can do!  I got it on sale and have had it for YEARS!
I used Harvest Time to as the quilting pattern - and am so happy with how it turned out - and that its done!  And in time for the fall season.  I'm not always ahead of the game like this! 
I've just uploaded new patterns - so take a look at this post for all my longarm service details. 
Thanks Sherri and Sinta for hosting this month - SO EXCITED to see the big  reveal of the new pattern for August!!!!!