Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five and Dime Quilt - Maison de Noel - FOR SALE

The Masion de Noel line by 3 Sisters is about 6 or so years old.  Hands down one of my most favorite lines of fabric EVER.  I mean EVER.  I have made several quilts from this line - and I still have a bin fun.  See a few of my favorites here.

This pattern is called Five and Dime by All Washed Up.  I love this pattern and have made it a few times see here and here.  I think it is a great way to show case large pieces of fabric.  Which is why I started quilting in the first place - I love the fabric!
It was a gloomy day and very little light - these pictures do not do this quilt justice!  To be honest - I have no idea when I sewed this quilt.  Probably 5 years ago - its been hanging in my closet to be quilted for a long while!  

I finally pulled it out to try Denali on it about a year ago.  I love this quilt pattern so much.  

For the backing I used the red paisley - one of my favorites - and bound it with a red/green plaid on the bias fabric.  That binding fabric is my most favorite binding I think I've EVER used!  I finally got it bound last week when we drove back and forth to Lake Tahoe.  A nice 8 hour drive each way - left me with a few completed projects!

Here it is on display - and then I decided - I have a few Christmas quilts - so maybe I'll trying sharing the love I have of these fabrics with others.  

So I listed it in my shop.  If you're interested go here.  

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