Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Love - Country Girls Version - WIP Wednesday

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen how obsessed I am with the Baby Love pattern from Camille Roskelley's Simply Retro book.  I love this pattern for so many reasons.  Love a Churn Dash block - its big and fast.  I need a quick project that I can completely to keep me sane - and this quilt can be completed in about an hour.  I love the big center for using a fun print I have a hard time cutting into.  Its the perfect size for a baby quilt and a great baby gift.  You will see MANY more of these in my future - as I've already completed another one - and have a 3rd on cut and ready to sew together.  

I'm also a little obsessed with the Country Girls fabric - I'm loving the greens and blues together - but for a girl!  Can't get enough of it!

I LOVE the white blueberry fabric that I used for the background.  At first I was worried it would be too busy - but I thrilled with how it turned out.  

I used a baby baby clamshell (maybe 1/2 inch by an inch) which added some great texture!  I love the cute little girls in the center print- and I'm slightly obsessed with the bright green border fabric next to the navy gingham!  

I used the green as it was my favorite print for the backing as well.  

If you're interested in a kit - take a look in my etsy store here

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Client Quilts

I've quilted a few quilts for Nicole in the last few months (babydoxie on instagram - follow her you won't be sorry!)  She is one of the nicest people I've never met and I love all of her quilts!  She is also very easy to work with and patient with me beyond words!  Here are a few from her first batch I did a few weeks ago.

First up is her swoon quilt - which I LOVE the big red square in the middle.  What a great way to set apart your swoon from the next!
She chose the Baptist Fan - saying its kind of manditory for a swoon quilt.  HAHA 
Red Center Square - LOVE!

Backing with Baptist Fan

This quilt is Flower Girl by Thimble Blossoms
It was done using a Marmalade quilt kit (I think my most favorite Bonnie and Camille line if you can have favorites) I think she scored this kit from an Insta sell Camille had - cause she's lightening fast on Instagram!
Love the orange in this line!
She used CandyLand for the quilting - which was perfect for this quilt.  For her backing she pulled together 4 big squares of flannel - which I loved!  I always think I need to be more adventurous with my backings when I see these! 

I love how the quilting melts into the flannel.

Her next quilt was Vintage for the Simply Retro book.  This is one of my most favorite patterns right now - and there is a quilt along going on on Instagram right now if you want to jump on the bandwagon.  #vintagealong

She chose Starlight for the quilting which is one of my favorite patterns.  Adds such great texture without taking away from the blocks or fabrics.  

I think most the fabrics are from Bonnie and Camille's Ruby collection.  (Are you getting the sense that Nicole is a die hard Bonnie and Camille fan?  If so you'd be right! She has the greatest stash of fabrics EVER!)

Next up are a few of Thelma's quilts.  It is always so much fun to get Thelma's quilts - her packaging is perfect - her backs of the quilts are perfect - I kind of treat them like glass as her sewing is AMAZINGLY perfect!

First up is Jersey Girl - a Schnibbles pattern by the great Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts done in Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille.  Let me tell you something about Scrumptious - I liked it when it came out - but I thought - this is a line I don't have to buy.  And then I started seeing quilt after quilt done in this line - how could I have not thought that I didn't need it?  I mean - EVERY quilt that comes my way out of this line is my new favorite and added to my list!  Needless to say - I now have about 4 quilts in the works out of this line.  

Thelma chose CandyLand for this quilt - which fits its wonderfully.  I LOVED her solid scrappy baby bias border - added SO much to this quilt!  
Her backing was scrappy which was cute and fun - and I fell head over heels in love with this big button/flower print.  Now I'm a proud owner of a bolt - won't it be great for backing a few of my Scrumptious quilts!  haha

Her next quilt was Canasta another Schnibbles pattern.  I've wanted to make a basket quilt for awhile now - and loved this one!  She used Fig Tree fabric.  

Thelma chose Chantilly Lace for the quilting pattern.  I almost screamed when she picked this pattern.  I had sent over a few suggestions and this was my first pick.  I think it just has that timeless old fashion feel that a basket pattern needs - so I was thrilled when it was her first chose also!

The lighting was not great on this day - but hopefully you can see - this pattern adds such great texture!  
She also used a scrappy backing!  

Thelma's last quilt is Round and Round by Thimble Blossoms in Kate Spain's Christmas line from last year.  I'm thinking I need to copy this using Solstice  by Kate Spain - her Christmas line for this year.  

If you missed this quilt along last winter with round and round  on Instagram run and take a look.  #roundandroundalong
It was so much fun to see all the cute quilts that came out of this!  I started my own Christmas version last year - need to get it finished up so I can start my next one!  This is a great pattern for charm packs (you need 2) and one block is big enough to make  good sized table topper or pillow too - saw a few of those during the quilt along and have some ideas for Christmas gifts this year!  

Thelma chose Christmas Snow as her quilting pattern.  This pattern is so cool with cool textures are the snowflakes are all different shapes and sizes!

If you love this pattern - get going on your Christmas projects so you have them ready for my Christmas in July quilting sale - this one pricey so take advantage of the sale!

Her backing was this fun Christmas cookie/motif fabric - I love how it is bright and busy, such a contrast from all the white on the front.  Great pick!

If you're interested in a kit using Solstice and making your own Round and Round - let me know and I can get you the details!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Mondays

Another week - and I have a plan!

Sunday - Ham Sammies, pretzel jello, and blueberry fruit salad.
Monday - Steak, Asparagus, homemade Cesar Salad and watermelon
Tuesday - Coconut Curry Chicken w/fruit
Wednesday - Teriyaki Chicken meatballs w/watermelon
Thursday - Spaghetti, Cesar Salad
Friday - Tacos

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is Easter and although we will be celebrating and having a fun little egg hunt - it is also my Dad's Birthday.  My mom's was on Thursday - my dad's is today - so we have a lot to celebrate!

I am so lucky that my parents live so close and are around almost daily to help me.  My kids spend 3 days a week with my mom - and they ask daily if Grandma is coming.  They love her so much and have such a special bond with her.  She is a great example to them of how to be kind and live a good life and a wonderful help to me.  I am so grateful on the days I leave my children - they are in her loving hands.

My dad is the most hard working, honest, lovable man I know.  He is quiet and strong all at the same time.  Just the other day - I needed some help with Jake getting to baseball practice.  I called him up and immediately started crying - (I don't love having to ask people for help) and he asked what is wrong.  I said "I have this, Mike is still working, Jake has practice - I need someone to take him."  He then asked - why I was crying.... which I didn't know myself!  He said he would be happy to take him to practice if I would stop crying.  haha - dad's are so calm and down to earth.  He saved me that day - as he has done many times in my life.

I am lucky to have such great parents who are involved and love my family so much.  Hope you both have/had wonderful birthdays!

Love you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lucette Quilt - Quilting and Kits

I am so excited to be offering this fun, cute quilt kits for this new pattern Jodi from Pleasant Home just released! 

She made this version out of a mix of April Showers by Bonnie and Camille and Country Girls by Riley Blake.  Two of my most favorite lines right now!  I love how they mixed!

Jodi used the cute scene print from Country Girls and fussy cut each center block.  This quilt couldn't have been any better!  I quilted it up using my current "go to" pattern Clamshells and backed it in this aqua and navy backing. 

The fun part is I've put together some bundles - so if you're interesting in making the same quilt - the work is all done!  I have these bundles in my shop for $34 - this includes 12 fat quarters and 1/2 yard cut of the cute print used to fussy cut the centers.  You can also get a scrappy binding out of the bundle.

If interested I would be happy to make it a full kit with the white background and backing as well - just let me know. 

I've seen Jodi make this pattern 3 times now and it looks cute each and every time!  Run and buy the pattern now! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cable Quilting - and Camille's Quilts

So the last few months I have been lucky enough to quilt some amazing quilts.  I have to say - I try not to play favorites - but I think I found a favorite quilt.

The #APQquiltalong that was going around on Instagram is one of the cutest patterns I've seen in awhile.  It has been so much fun following people and see how different the quilts have turned out.  We are all huge fans of Bonnie and Camille fabric - so leave it to Camille to combine a good amount of their lines into this AMAZING quilt.  This is seriously probably my most favorite quilt to ever cross my door.  I love how its scrappy and blends - it was so much fun to work on!

These are a few of my favorite blocks - 

Camille took a poll on Instagram of which pattern to have quilted and Orange Peel won out - so that is what the quilt got - and it turned out perfectly!  See more of her amazing pics here.

In March I was lucky enough to work on a few more quilts for Camille. One of which was one of her new patterns Red Letter Day - made with Miss Kate.  I have to say - this is one of my most favorite patterns Camille has designed.  Rates up there with Swoon!

I'm a sucker for anything stars and I love this version!  

So a few people have asked about this cable design.  This design was Camille's great idea!  She was looking through my pattern boards and found this one in borders - and asked what it would look like in rows.  This is why Camille is so amazing - she thinks outside the box.  Maybe that doesn't seem outside the box, but I had never thought of throwing this cable design on as an edge to edge - and it turned out great! 

Originally we discussed altering the rows so that the bumps kind of nested - I played around with it a bit and set it up both ways.  When you lay this out in rows and bud them up to each other you get this diamond design between the rows that was pretty cool - So I sent Camille both looks and we went with the design in rows.  

It was so fun seeing a new design come together - and this may be one of my new favorites!  I've done it on another quilt (a Vintage from Camille's Simply Retro book) and it turned out SOOOOO amazing!  I'll be back later this week to show you that one.  

That same week I quilted up a Piece of Cake quilt for her using simple Clamshells.  I've said this before - but you can't go wrong with a simple clamshell.  Looks great on every quilt I've done - and this is my current go to for my own quilts - when I have time to throw them on.  

I love how this has a border at just the top and bottom. 

And this backing - Marmalade floral - one of my all time favorite fabrics - I just ordered it in red with orange flowers - 6 yards of it.  I told you it's one of my favorites! 

Come back tomorrow for a peek at a great pattern and the cutest kit I'll be offering in April Showers/Country Girls combo!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Menu Mondays

Another week - another menu - getting ready to start my casserole - this has been on my list for awhile and I somehow always end up missing it.  Not tonight!

Monday - Meatball Sub Casserole w/watermelon
Tuesday - Steak, baked potatoes, homemade Cesar salad
Wednesday - Game night - probably eat out
Thursday - Sour Cream chicken Enchiladas
Friday - Tacos w/watermelon

I'm getting the grill out this week - LOVE GRILLING season.  On the look out for new recipes to try!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Christmas ... already???

Quilt made by Lora Ann

So I've done a few Christmas quilts this week and it started me thinking back to this last Christmas - and next Christmas.

Flurry designed used

Every year I think I'm going to be good and start a quilt or topper or something early and try to get one done every few months.  I'm always scrambling in December to get my projects done - yet I usually have hoards of quilts to quilt for others leaving me limited time!

Dawn made these CUTE CUTE runners!

Glacee used for quilt pattern

This last year - I had a list of 20 things I wanted to do with my kids during the Christmas season - and I got to 2 of them.  All of December was spent quilting and quilting and quilting!  Which don't get me wrong - I love - but this year I need to find a better balance.  I hated the holiday because I was always in a rush, and didn't enjoy much of it at all. 

Dawn also made this topper - which I need to make myself!

My point of all this - to help you all - and to help me - (personally and professionally) I've decided to give you a heads up on a special I'll be offering.  You always hear about Christmas in July sales?  Well I'm going to have a Christmas Quilting in July sale.  Christmas patterns are usually more dense and take much longer to quilt out - which is why they are higher up on the price scale of patterns.  In July I will put them all on sale.  On top of that - any quilt in Christmas fabrics even if you don't want a Christmas pattern - will be on sale.  I haven't figured out all the details - but I wanted to give you time to start/finish a project or two so you can take advantage when this sell will happen.  It will be on only for the month of July.  So start sewing!!!!


To help you out even more - I'm getting shipments of Christmas precuts.  I received a few preorder cuts a few months back and they flew out the door - well I just got word my second order of Kate Spain's Solstice shipped!  I will have oodles of precuts at discounted prices waiting for you to take home!  I have some fun ideas for it as well.  I want to start sewing up a storm myself! 

Solstice - by Kate Spain

I'm thinking Jelly Filled would be a fun quick project!  Or what about Fresh from Camille's Simply Retro book?  I'm thinking even a smaller version of only 4 blocks.  How cute!  What about Round and Round - did you miss out on that quiltalong? Or what about Sherri's Summer Star quilt in her new book Fresh Family Traditions?  (Stay tuned I'm starting this one!)  I've been wanting to make a Lollipop Christmas quilt....ummmm  I just need to tie myself to my machine and sew and sew and sew! 

I know sometimes its hard to get into the swing of Christmas in April or July - but just wanted to start off the year right so we can all enjoy the season a little more.  What better way then some pretty eye candy and a sale to motivate! 

Love Glacee quilted on Brenda's Cute quilt

This year I'll be cutting off my "guaranteed for Christmas" deadline earlier than I did last year (I don't think I ever cut anything off last year which was maybe part of the problem!) so I hope you take advantage of the sale! 
Doesn't this backing kill you?  Love it!

Start sewing and make sure you share your progress!  I need ideas!