Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Project List

I feel like my blog has been all about client quilting these days - and although the majority of my time is spent on quilting - I do have a few projects in the works today that I thought I'd share.  

Sometimes a girl just needs to sit down and sew for some sanity!

Horrible lighting as these pictures were taken at night - but pictures none the less.

First up is a sneak peak at a cute quilt I'm making for a client.  She wanted a sea type theme.  Boats, mermaids, seashells etc.  Out to Sea by Sarah Jane was the perfect pick and I'm so glad she loved the fabric and let me run with it.  This has been such a fun project - that will be wrapped up this week.  Just need to buy some backing and get it quilted.  

This next block was inspired by a quilt I quilted up this last week.  The pattern is Vintage out of Simply Retro book by Camille Roskelley.  Great book - with wonderful patterns.  I want to make each one!  I love books like that where you buy for not just one or two patterns but for all patterns!  ANYWAYS.... I bought the Candy Corn bundle of fabric and have been dying to get a fall project going.  So after the inspiration - I decided this was the pattern.  I have 3 blocks down and 9 more to go.  The blocks are 20 inches and go together fairly quickly!  Going to be a fun one that I may actually finish while its still fall!

Oh and here's a few pics of the inspiration for Vintage - I thought this quilt was SO Cute!  She made a baby sized version with just 4 blocks!

She chose the baptist fan for quilting - I LOVE how this turned out.

The backing fabric was so cute too!

These next 2 blocks are from the Little Lollies pattern by Fig Tree.  When this pattern came out I had to make both the quilts in the pattern.  So I bought Avalon and Tapestry to mimic the pattern.  And then they came out with a Halloween version and I had to have the kit - so I'm finally working on it - my goal to have it done by October 1st.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  They also have a Chirstmas version - I'm so tempted!

This next project is for a client and I'm so excited about - just need to get moving a little faster on it!  Its from the Lincoln pattern by Miss Rosie  and we are only using the tans/greys/whites/creams from French General and a little Minnick and Simpson.  Are these called low level quilts?  I can't remember the name, but I'm excited to do this one.  I think it will look so classy and clean when its done!  Also a goal for September....I'm running out of time!

Last but not least is the beginnings of a baby quilt out of High Street fabrics.  I.LOVE.THIS.LINE - can't get enough of it!  I have a shower on Thursday - so am hoping to add some borders and quilt this one up tonight - better get going!  I have big plans for High Street - like On a Whim big plans!  This line is so bright and cheery!  

There you have it - I might have ADD when it comes to projects - but at least I'm working on something!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Jelly Roll Jam Quilts

A few month's back Thelma asked me to quilt and bind up some quilts she had sewn.  She was asked to be part of the Fat Quarter Shops Jelly Roll Jam - and I was so happy to be asked to quilt these up for her.

You can read all about her experience and her pattern on her blog.  As you can see from the pictures below - I received 2 quilts - same pattern - same jelly roll - just a little different with color placement.

One has more blues, the other more red tones.  

I wanted to quilt them up so the difference could be seen, even though they are so similar.  

On the blue version - I went with feathers - really small feathers.  I used Deb's Feathers design and think this turned out great.  

The red/rust version I used Country Cousins.  This design is bigger and more open then the feathers shrunk down.  

When I was done quilting both quilts - I was amazed at what a difference the quilt design and more importantly the size of the design makes.  

The quilts actually looked a bit different once they were quilted up.  

This was a fun exercise for me to play with scale and design - when originally I had thought I'd quilt them up both the same.  I'm so glad I didn't!

This pattern looked so easy and quick - and Thelma got 2 from one jelly roll.  What a great baby quilt or table topper idea for gifts!  Can't wait to see what other designs the Fat Quarter Shop has in store for us!

Keep in mind I have a deal going on edge to edge patterns right now - please see below

Currently running a special of ALL Edge to Edge designs are $.01 an inch.  This is a great deal and won't last forever, so take advantage while you can!  
I am offering a 1 week turnaround on edge to edge designed quilts.
Quilts with edge to edge design but separate border design are $.02 for up to 2 borders.  
Custom quilting begins at $.025 an inch and goes up depending on complexity.  
I have batting available for $8 a yard.
I will ship quilts back - and only charge actual shipping costs.  
No hidden costs!  Quilting, Batting, and tax if you live in Utah are the only charges on the invoice.  

Contact me if you're interested - check out my pinterest board to view designs.

Menu Monday

Posting my menu's early this week - my goal is to be productive this week and to try some new meals.

Monday - Scallops w/ salad and garlic bread
Tuesday - Pork Tenderloin w/salad and fruit
Wednesday - Salsa Chicken Burritos
Thursday - Cornbread Waffles w/chili
Friday - Egg Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches
Friday - Cheesy Baked Meatballs

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Client Baby Quilts

In honor of my baby - who still cries when I take him to school each day - but is fine by the time we pick him up (the teacher swears its a 5 minute thing) I wanted to share a few baby quilts.  

I'm lucky enough to have worked at Pine Needles years ago before I had kids.  Holly who runs the store made this cute quilt for a family member and she's lucky I gave it back!  I fell in love!  I love these colors, the sashing fabric which looks patchworked here, but is printed.  The pattern looks fairly easy and modern or not depending on the fabrics used.  Pine Needles had this pattern kit in chevron and polka dots I think - go in and pick one up!

We chose the Chevron longarm pattern.  Every time I use this pattern - I'm blown away by the texture. 
Every quilt I've used this on is so soft.  I don't know why - but the texture of the chevron softens each quilt up.  Its magical.

A pic of the back - love the row of fabric.  I need to do this more often with my quilt backs.

The next one up was such a cute quilt.  I want to go buy these fabrics and copy it EXACTLY.  I loved the navy chevron - the polka dots - the ombre fabric and the pop of yellow!  Seriously so cute. 

My cute client wanted a wave type feeling - and Waverly  fit it perfectly!  

And this backing!  The V and Co chevron - SO CUTE for a back.  Love this idea and want to go buy this up before I can't find it anymore!

Just a few of the cute baby quilts I've been working on this last month.  

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Baby Sam

I called Jake my baby the other day and Sam said "He's not your baby, he's big - I'm your baby." 
He is so my baby.  This week he started at his Pre-School and we are both having a hard time letting this happen. 
He was so nervous and anxious the first day.  When I dropped him off, he tried so hard not to cry.  So hard in fact that his lip was sticking out and trembling.  SO.HARD.TO.LEAVE.HIM.
I had about a 10 minute window to pick up Jake at his school and then driving to Sam's school 10 mins away to be there for his pick up.  I have never been so anxious and driven so fast in my life.  When I arrived at his school the line was out of the parking lot to pick up.  I zoomed around everyone and pulled up right up front - got out of the car to grab my kid - and he burst into tears.  "I missed you so much mommy" The teachers told me he had a few ups and downs throughout the day. 
When does your heart not hurt for your kids anymore?  Sam is so in his head - and gets use to a schedule that any disruption throws him off.  I was hoping today when I dropped him off it would be easier.  Its show n tell and that has been his #1 reason he wanted to go to Jake's school.  He has been dying to do show n tell. 
Well, it didn't matter - it was worse today.  The teacher told me to let go of him and hand him over and I said - "I'm not holding him"  He had his legs and arms wrapped so tightly around me I could completely let go of him and he didn't move.  He was SCREAMING hysterically.  I had to just hand him off and leave.  I got in the car and I cried hysterically.   
Why is growing up so hard - on us both?  Can't he just stay little forever? 
I want my happy, fun loving, carefree kid back.
And now I'm at work and can't even pick him up today!  I wonder if he'll break down crying when he sees Mike today.....or if that is something he saves just for me.  I love that he's a momma's boy - but boy does it make mornings emotional! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Client Quilts

The month of August was a record month for me for quilting!  I appreciate so much those of who have trusted me with your precious quilts!  There is so much inspiration and after I quilt these quilts I want to run out and buy fabric to make my own.  

I haven't been the best at taking pictures and sharing them this month as I feel I'm sometimes running around with my  head cut off!  But here are a few I managed to remember to photograph.  I like to show the full quilt - and then close up of the quilting to give you an idea of the design - so prepare for some picture overload!

First up is this Grinch quilt.  Pat made these for her grandkids and we quilted up 2 of them!  They were almost identical minus the border was different prints.  

She wanted the pattern Grinchy pattern and I was so excited to try this one out!  I hadn't quilted it out before.  I bought it for my own Grinch quilt that has yet to be sewn together...

As you can see above and below there is presents, wreaths, the Grinch and his dog.  Its a really fun pattern and perfect for those kids!

She backed both quilts in this red striped minky - perfect for these quilts.  

The next few quilts are from Nathalie.  What I love most about Nathalie's quilts is her range of fabrics.  She uses everything from Moda to Batiks and a few things in between.  I feel like I sometimes my quilts start looking the same as I get into my fabric comfort zone.  When I get a package with such a variety it makes me want to shake things up a bit!

The first up was this cute Schnibbles quilt.  

Hard to see the quilting, but she chose Rose Leaves  It has a big rose flower that was great for this quilt.  You can kind of get an idea below.

Nathalie's next quilt was this fun bright orange one!

She wanted Sunflowers quilted in it. 

I hadn't used this pattern before I really like how it turned out.  

Her next quilt was this fun batik one.  This pattern was so cool with different sized blocks and squares.  

She wanted Frisky Feathers  which I think went with this fabric perfectly!

A close up of the pattern from the back.  

This next quilt was so fun with the farm animals on it!  

Nathalie wanted Cotton Seed which is one of my favorites.  I think it turned out perfectly - and look at those cute pigs and cows!

Her final quilt was a sampler quilt.  I am so into sampler right now so this was so fun to quilt!

This was one of my favorite blocks.  She went with Loops and Stars - perfect compliment and didn't overpower her wonderful blocks!

Have I overloaded you enough today?  I have many more to show so come back tomorrow for the next lot of quilts!

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