Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dear Mr Claus Quilt #2

I am SO behind in posting client quilts.  That is my goal for these last few weeks - to show you all the beautiful quilts I have been working on.

My excuse for not posting is because I've been swimming in quilts to be quilted!  I can't believe how many of these quilts I want to make!  Problems of a longarmer - I need to search for fabric and add quilts to my to do list!  I even asked one of my clients how much she'd sell me a quilt...I mean really this is becoming a problem.

But I have been editing the pictures I take - and am throwing together some posts as I have SO many fun quilts to share with you all.

This quilt I'm sharing today has been in the works for awhile.  Ever since I made this quilt for Marta last year my sister Whitney has wanted one of her own.  I gave her a layer cake for her birthday - in FEBRUARY.  Telling her the quilt would be ready by Christmas.

I made it just in time!  Who knew a quilt would take 10 months to make!  I didn't love this fabric at first, but it has grown on me, and I really love this quilt.  I used the Double Slice tutorial from Missouri Quilt Star.  I would say this has been the pattern of the year for me.  Uses just 1 layer cake, is scrappy looking, quick and easy to throw together.  Perfect go to quilt pattern if you need a quick gift.  (Or a gift that takes 10 months to make)

I quilted this using the Glacee pattern.  Probably my most favorite Christmas pattern I have.  

I love it even more on minky - I think I need just a quilt of this!  

Glad to have one more quilt checked off the to do list!

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