Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Goals

In an effort to get productive in my personal life (the last few weeks have been a bust) I'm making some goals to get done today.

1 - find camera - took it to baseball practice last week haven't seen it since....
2 - finish 4 patch blocks for Route 44 project (wanted to take a picture of my progress, which lead to a missing camera)
3 - make some kind of progress on quilt for my mom
4 - have several quilts to quilt this week - get one on machine and ready to start
5 - workout
6 - all laundry washed AND folded

I'm writing these down so I have someone/place to answer to....seems if I'm held responsible for something I work harder to get the goals achieved.  I'll keep you posted - with pictures!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm a little late at packing up my Valentines decor this year. I've been thinking of what quilts I should put out for Spring, and I'm a little sad to see this one go. Its not really a Valentines quilt, but I always put it out right after Christmas, and than move it back into my quilt rack in my room in March.

Its a cute little quilt I did a few years ago. I throw it over the top of my chair in the family room. I loved this quilt for several reasons.  The toile is what drew me in.  Along with red and white.  The chenille squares, and of course the scalloped border.  This is a girls quilt all the way.  I had thought maybe one day a baby girl of mine would get it, but since only boys arrived I kept it just for me.  Its one of my favorites.

Its fun to bring out quilts that are older and switch these around every now and then.  Its like redecorating , but not spending money!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have to tell you I am blessed with a wonderful family.  I know there are lots of working mothers out there, and I hope all of you have the help I get from my family.

I was given an additional account at work.  I had 3 accounts, and now this new one is the size of my 3 existing accounts, so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed these days.  As mothers everywhere feel this way already - jobs, house work, exercise, quality time with kids, running to kids activities, kids that won't sleep do we ever get a break????

Yesterday I had a call with my new client - my sister Whitney came over to watch the kids and pick Jake up from school so I could have a quiet house while on the call.  When I came upstairs, the kids were fed, the dishes were done and we could actually sit down and talk for a bit.

Last night I started doing the dishes (why is my kitchen always a mess - Whit already cleaned it once!)  I started to clean it, but decided to wait til Sam was in a sounder sleep zone.  Needless to say it didn't get done.

Today I got to work at 6:30am.  Left the house in mess, stayed on calls until nearly noon!  All day was busy and on the drive home thought to myself - I have so much to do at home.  Sam has Little Gym tonight, dinner to be made, dishes to do, clothes to fold etc etc.  I walked in to a clean house!  My mom had cleaned the kitchen, organized toys, vacuumed, made beds, picked up toys, FOLDED clothes (I hate folding clothes).  It was a miracle!

I am so lucky to have such great help in my life.  Thanks to you both for all the little things you do for me.  They don't go unnoticed and they help me more than you probably realize.

Thanks!  Love you guys.


Lately I've been doing a lot of quick projects.  I like something I know I can get done.  I have to feel like I'm accomplishing something, so quick square type projects seem to be the norm for me lately.

After going to Winterfest  and starting on my Route 44 project with Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilts I a bug to do some more advanced quilts.  Obviously I still have a ways to go on the Route 44 and on my Ric Rac schnibbles, but I've picked a few other projects too I'd like to create.

After seeing the Brown-Eyed Girl in person at Winterfest, I loved the pinks, yellows, reds, and browns together.  I love stars.  And these colors are so different from what I usually work with.  So for my birthday Mike gave me some fabric money.  My favorite thing to receive, but he REALLY hates giving up money for more fabric.  So it was a great gift!

I bought the fat quarter bundle, border, and backing along with the pattern.  Everything ready to go!  I loved the look of Carrie's so much, I'm not changing a thing.  Not very original on my part, but if its not broke why fix it?  The colors is what draws me to this pattern, so I'm copying the pattern to a T!

Who knows when I'll actually start this one, but I'm excited that I have everything ready to go.  My goal is to finish up Route 44 first.  I've got some quilting jobs lined up, a quilt to finish for my mom, and a custom order of a memory quilt I've got to kick out this may not get started til June or July.  I'm excited to tackle another project that doesn't just have squares!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MeadowSweet Pinwheel Table Topper

I've been on a pinwheel kick lately if you can't tell.  For Whit's birthday I bought her a cookbook she had been wanting.  To stick with a kitchen theme gift, I wanted to give her a little something to put in the middle of her round kitchen table.

I bought a few charms squares from Sherri of MeadowSweet 2 and used 2 for the pinwheel center.  I had a little yardage for the border, and pulled in some Martinique from 3 Sisters for the smaller border and binding.  I cut, sewed and quilted all of this in about an hour 1/2 or so.  For such a quick project I was thrilled with the results.  I think its the perfect table topper for her cute little table.  Finished about 20 x 20.

Fun little afternoon project!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our First Snowman

A couple days before we left for sunny Florida it was snowing here.  Isn't this weather crazy for March?  Maybe not, but March feels like Spring should be here!

Saturday morning the boys all went outside to play.  Mike and Jake built their first snowman together.

The boys played outside for a bit.  Funny how Jake loves the snow, Sam not so much.

Sam stayed close to the porch.  Not wanting to get too deep into the snow.

Once inside, both boys wanted to curl up in bed and watch a few cartoons while they got warm.

I guess snowy days can be a little fun.  I'm still counting down the days til spring!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

General Hospital

It breaks my heart to watch Jason crying for his son that doesn't even know his dad.  I've been waiting for Jason and Elizabeth to get back together.  I hate how they just broke up and there was no closure for me.  I'm hoping this latest story line brings them back together.  I have a feeling Sam is the one who hit Jake when she blacked out.

Crazy as it may seem, I am a loyal General Hospital fan.  I watch daily.  I can't get enough of the show.  When good story lines come on, I hate the weekends.  I hate having to wait til Monday to find out what's going to happen next.  Mike came home from work on Friday and I told him all about the episode.  It took him a minute to figure out I wasn't talking about real people.  But that's just it, these people are real to me!

Funny how I can't find an hour in the day to work out, but I always seem to find time to watch my show...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I've been neglecting this blog lately.  I've been busy cleaning my house, got some added responsibility at work that has kept me busy, and we've been doing a little bit of playing around.  We spent the last 10 days in Orlando with this group of crazies!

This is my brother James, his wife Becky, and kids, Taylor, Jack, Hogan, and Luke.  (Say those 4 names REALLY fast and that is how Jake says their names). 

We had a blast going to the DisneyWorld parks, Spring Training baseball game, swimming, playing poker, eating, and laughing.  It was so much fun to spend a week with this family and to watch my boys play with my nephews.  I'm here to say no matter the age difference, Jake thinks these boys are his best friends. 

It was so nice to have the help of not just James and Becky with my crazy kids, but it was like having 4 built in babysitters!  Mike and I actually got to ride on some rides together!  Aunt Becky made quite the impression on my kids and gave Whit a run for the favorite Aunt title....James also made quite the impression....he likes to make them cry....good times. 

We made such good memories, and I love that my kids got to know their cousins a little better.  Sure wish we all lived closer so we could spend more time together. 

This last week made me reflect on no matter the distance of time that goes by without seeing family, there is a strong bond and love that is like nothing else in the world.  Nothing is more important than our families.  We had such a good time and already miss you guys!  Thanks for sharing our vacation with us!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Imagination at Work

Jake has been collecting some Trio toys.  We had a deal if he would poop in the toilet which has been a huge under taking, he would get a little toy.  I think he milked it for all he could get, cause it took 5 of the 6 toys he wanted before he'd gladly sit on his own without drama and crying and screaming.

That being said the other day I was cleaning and Jake was busily playing with his new "friends" at the kitchen table.  I love how he lines them all up to count them.  I love how I can hear him playing and using little voices for each of his guys.  I especially love that he is on his own playing and building is imagination.

I think 3 may be my favorite age yet!