Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nicey Jane Star Quilts

My husband keeps asking me how Sam is going to do in Pre School this year and if I'm going to have to go with him each day.  He is my more scared child and seems to have a routine.  If anything is outside his routine or comfort zone - he isn't in to it.  He kicks and screams and doesn't stop until he is back into his comfy zone.  

So this last year I've had him in a little Terrific Tot class where I drop him off and leave him for a few hours.  He does gym time, gymnastics, crafts, learns songs etc.  It has been really good for him.  He whines almost every day before he gets dropped off, but once he is there and in his routine he loves it.  The gym even offers a Parent Survival night twice a month where you drop off the kids for 3 1/2 hours - they feed them, play with them, watch a movie etc.  Sam LOVES it!  It has been a dream come true as I've actually seen a few movies the last few months.  After 5 years of next to no date nights, its been a fun change of pace for our whole family.  

Which brings me to these two quilts.  

Sam has the 2 best teachers ever who have made this life changing event possible for our family.  When his last day of class came around - I knew a little letter or a gift card wasn't enough.  I wanted to give them something that meant something.  Something to show how much I truly appreciate all they have done for my little Sammy.  

So I whipped out these quilts - literally - in about 5 days time.  That may be a new record for me!  I came across this tutorial in blogland and have been wanting to make it.  I have a love affair with stars - and it seemed like the perfect big, bold pattern that would still come together quickly.  

These teachers are both from a younger generation and I wanted to use some stash fabric - so I pulled out my Nicey Jane collection that has gone untouched for years.  I have to be honest - it was so hard cutting into these fabrics!

I told the girls they must know how much I love them because I went through using this fabric.  I even started another quilt out of different fabrics at one point cause I wasn't sure I was really willing to part!  

I LOVE how they turned out and was so happy with the pattern, fabrics, and quilting.  

I used the Chevron pattern for both and love how they turned out.  It is so much fun to give a quilt away that means something.  It is also fun to finish up 2 projects from 100% stash fabric!  Nothing feels better.  My next project is to make myself something out of Nicey Jane - I LOVE THIS LINE!!!!

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Kleep said...

Those are beautiful quilts!! I know what you mean about having a tough time giving away something made with a favourite fabric. I buy and keep and [avoid] use only fabrics I's always hard to give something away. But, you're so right--it means so much more I think. I love that pattern too, great work!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Nicey Jane (and Pop Garden), too. And as a teacher I am so touched that you created those lovely quilts for your child's teachers, using those fabrics you love so much. I am sure the recipients will treasure them.

Anonymous said...

These are darling quilts. I regularly give away my quilts and I remind myself that there is always another fabulous fabric line to replace what I have just used.

Darlene said...

Adorable quilts,Abby. And, the quilting is wonderful. I'm sure they will treasure these special gifts.

Christine said...

They are beautiful quilts. I love the fabrics too.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this post! I followed the In Color Order tutorial, but make it smaller, and I am so pleased with the result!

Carol said...

I am equally impressed with your quilting and love the mom comments about your family. So similar to mine who are now grown with children of their own.

Questions, do you design your own quilt designs or purchase?

It is wonderful how you treasure the teachers who care for your children. You are a special parent. As a teacher, I look at gifts from the heart and treasure not only the gift but the love that went into it.

Thanks for sharing.