Thursday, February 16, 2012


I completed a few projects this weekend - this being one of them - a Robot quilt made for Jake.  He was so excited.

 This was a quick kit I picked up at a local quilt shop in November and I love how it turned out.  Bright, fun and cherry.  Jake loves the robots.

You can't really see the backing well, but I added a little note on the back for Jake - it was my first time labeling a quilt and I need some practice.  The pen was too thick - but Jake will never know.  A little note from his mom is all he sees.
I had tried to get a quilt completed for Christmas and didn't get to my own boys, so I was excited I got these all done for them.  (I was more excited than any of them) but Jake does keep telling me how cute it is,  so that means something!

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Katie said...

My son would have loved this quilt when he was young! Not just the robots, but all the orange. I'm sure your son thinks it's awesome!