Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Christmas ... already???

Quilt made by Lora Ann

So I've done a few Christmas quilts this week and it started me thinking back to this last Christmas - and next Christmas.

Flurry designed used

Every year I think I'm going to be good and start a quilt or topper or something early and try to get one done every few months.  I'm always scrambling in December to get my projects done - yet I usually have hoards of quilts to quilt for others leaving me limited time!

Dawn made these CUTE CUTE runners!

Glacee used for quilt pattern

This last year - I had a list of 20 things I wanted to do with my kids during the Christmas season - and I got to 2 of them.  All of December was spent quilting and quilting and quilting!  Which don't get me wrong - I love - but this year I need to find a better balance.  I hated the holiday because I was always in a rush, and didn't enjoy much of it at all. 

Dawn also made this topper - which I need to make myself!

My point of all this - to help you all - and to help me - (personally and professionally) I've decided to give you a heads up on a special I'll be offering.  You always hear about Christmas in July sales?  Well I'm going to have a Christmas Quilting in July sale.  Christmas patterns are usually more dense and take much longer to quilt out - which is why they are higher up on the price scale of patterns.  In July I will put them all on sale.  On top of that - any quilt in Christmas fabrics even if you don't want a Christmas pattern - will be on sale.  I haven't figured out all the details - but I wanted to give you time to start/finish a project or two so you can take advantage when this sell will happen.  It will be on only for the month of July.  So start sewing!!!!


To help you out even more - I'm getting shipments of Christmas precuts.  I received a few preorder cuts a few months back and they flew out the door - well I just got word my second order of Kate Spain's Solstice shipped!  I will have oodles of precuts at discounted prices waiting for you to take home!  I have some fun ideas for it as well.  I want to start sewing up a storm myself! 

Solstice - by Kate Spain

I'm thinking Jelly Filled would be a fun quick project!  Or what about Fresh from Camille's Simply Retro book?  I'm thinking even a smaller version of only 4 blocks.  How cute!  What about Round and Round - did you miss out on that quiltalong? Or what about Sherri's Summer Star quilt in her new book Fresh Family Traditions?  (Stay tuned I'm starting this one!)  I've been wanting to make a Lollipop Christmas quilt....ummmm  I just need to tie myself to my machine and sew and sew and sew! 

I know sometimes its hard to get into the swing of Christmas in April or July - but just wanted to start off the year right so we can all enjoy the season a little more.  What better way then some pretty eye candy and a sale to motivate! 

Love Glacee quilted on Brenda's Cute quilt

This year I'll be cutting off my "guaranteed for Christmas" deadline earlier than I did last year (I don't think I ever cut anything off last year which was maybe part of the problem!) so I hope you take advantage of the sale! 
Doesn't this backing kill you?  Love it!

Start sewing and make sure you share your progress!  I need ideas!


Empty Closet Quilting said...

Such a great idea! I'll get crackin' on my red and green pile!

Polly said...

Great idea! We'll see more of your happy face in December

Lynn said...

Great idea!!!! No point in making yourself nuts during a time that's already hectic!!! It seems early to be thinking abt the holidays (it's barely April!) but esp for a happy blend of business and family, that's the smart way to go!!!

Robin Woods said...

Loving this! I've got one Christmas quilt all ready to go. I had the same experience of you. I finished 6 quilts in 10 days last year. Not good. This is great incentive!

Robin Woods said...

Loving this! I've got one Christmas quilt all ready to go. I had the same experience of you. I finished 6 quilts in 10 days last year. Not good. This is great incentive!

Kristen,Brenda,Lisa,Wendy,Chantel,Emily,Julie said...

You did such a great job on my christmas quilt!!! I love, love it!!

Donna said...

How about for those of us who celebrate Chanukah (or something else)?