Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cable Quilting - and Camille's Quilts

So the last few months I have been lucky enough to quilt some amazing quilts.  I have to say - I try not to play favorites - but I think I found a favorite quilt.

The #APQquiltalong that was going around on Instagram is one of the cutest patterns I've seen in awhile.  It has been so much fun following people and see how different the quilts have turned out.  We are all huge fans of Bonnie and Camille fabric - so leave it to Camille to combine a good amount of their lines into this AMAZING quilt.  This is seriously probably my most favorite quilt to ever cross my door.  I love how its scrappy and blends - it was so much fun to work on!

These are a few of my favorite blocks - 

Camille took a poll on Instagram of which pattern to have quilted and Orange Peel won out - so that is what the quilt got - and it turned out perfectly!  See more of her amazing pics here.

In March I was lucky enough to work on a few more quilts for Camille. One of which was one of her new patterns Red Letter Day - made with Miss Kate.  I have to say - this is one of my most favorite patterns Camille has designed.  Rates up there with Swoon!

I'm a sucker for anything stars and I love this version!  

So a few people have asked about this cable design.  This design was Camille's great idea!  She was looking through my pattern boards and found this one in borders - and asked what it would look like in rows.  This is why Camille is so amazing - she thinks outside the box.  Maybe that doesn't seem outside the box, but I had never thought of throwing this cable design on as an edge to edge - and it turned out great! 

Originally we discussed altering the rows so that the bumps kind of nested - I played around with it a bit and set it up both ways.  When you lay this out in rows and bud them up to each other you get this diamond design between the rows that was pretty cool - So I sent Camille both looks and we went with the design in rows.  

It was so fun seeing a new design come together - and this may be one of my new favorites!  I've done it on another quilt (a Vintage from Camille's Simply Retro book) and it turned out SOOOOO amazing!  I'll be back later this week to show you that one.  

That same week I quilted up a Piece of Cake quilt for her using simple Clamshells.  I've said this before - but you can't go wrong with a simple clamshell.  Looks great on every quilt I've done - and this is my current go to for my own quilts - when I have time to throw them on.  

I love how this has a border at just the top and bottom. 

And this backing - Marmalade floral - one of my all time favorite fabrics - I just ordered it in red with orange flowers - 6 yards of it.  I told you it's one of my favorites! 

Come back tomorrow for a peek at a great pattern and the cutest kit I'll be offering in April Showers/Country Girls combo!


Mary Truax said...

Nice work, Abby!

Lisa Henry said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Loved the border-turned-allover, that was brilliant.