Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today is Easter and although we will be celebrating and having a fun little egg hunt - it is also my Dad's Birthday.  My mom's was on Thursday - my dad's is today - so we have a lot to celebrate!

I am so lucky that my parents live so close and are around almost daily to help me.  My kids spend 3 days a week with my mom - and they ask daily if Grandma is coming.  They love her so much and have such a special bond with her.  She is a great example to them of how to be kind and live a good life and a wonderful help to me.  I am so grateful on the days I leave my children - they are in her loving hands.

My dad is the most hard working, honest, lovable man I know.  He is quiet and strong all at the same time.  Just the other day - I needed some help with Jake getting to baseball practice.  I called him up and immediately started crying - (I don't love having to ask people for help) and he asked what is wrong.  I said "I have this, Mike is still working, Jake has practice - I need someone to take him."  He then asked - why I was crying.... which I didn't know myself!  He said he would be happy to take him to practice if I would stop crying.  haha - dad's are so calm and down to earth.  He saved me that day - as he has done many times in my life.

I am lucky to have such great parents who are involved and love my family so much.  Hope you both have/had wonderful birthdays!

Love you.

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