Monday, March 24, 2014

Menu Mondays

Monday - we call it al la carte at my house - everyone eats what they want - we have leftover Spaghetti, chef salad, and mini bagel sandwiches (mini bagels, cream cheese, turkey and cheese - so yummy!)

Tuesday - Balsamic Honey Chicken w/salad and fruit
Wednesday - Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches w/pretzel jello
Thursday - Ham and Cheese Hot Wheels w/fruit
Friday - Cashew Chicken w/rice
Saturday - Meatball Sub Casserole w/salad

This week I'll also be trying a Scrambled Omelet and Eggs in a whole for breakfast. And these easy pizza's for lunch with the kids


gailss said...

Sounds like you will be well organized for the week. Nice to have a plan to follow...;)))

Lynda said...

All sounds delicious Abby but I have to ask: what's "pretzel jello" - not something I've heard of here in Australia.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for posting your menus Abby. I'm trying to get better at this and your ideas are a great inspiration.

Sherri said...

you have to let me know if the cashew chicken is good!!!