Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Client Quilts

I know I shared some yesterday - but I've been so behind in showing quilts the last few months - I always have good intentions of staying caught up - but life gets in the way.  So I'm going to post a few here this week to get through them all.
You all have kept me busy the last month!  I received over 120 quilts in January alone!  Nothing like a little $.01 per inch sale to motivate you all to finish up some quilts!  Obviously I'm still getting through these quilts and appreciate your patience.  Once I get caught up I'll be offering some specials - so stay tuned! 
Hope you enjoy so more fabulous quilts today.  I have to tell you - this job is the best as I get inspiration delivered to my door each day.  My to do list is getting longer and longer and I love it! 
I love quilting for Holly because I love how she puts fabrics together, the patterns she picks and she's got pretty flawless taste in my opinion.  Makes quilting these puppies up so fun to stare at!
She made a simple 9 patch out of Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille.  Who knew a 9 patch could be so eye catching!    
She chose Hatch as the quilt pattern (which I've currently removed as a pattern option as I'm working out some issues with the pattern) But doesn't it look amazing!  I was worried it was too small at first, but what a striking impact it makes! 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this quilt - this hatch design adds such great texture and worked well with the simple 9 patches.  Holly used this fun button/flower print on the back - which I promptly ordered myself a bolt to back all of the Scrumptious quilts I now need to make...Thanks Holly...

Her next quilt I have to say was probably my favorite in the bunch.  I LOVE the combo of pink and green together - my long lost daughters (whom I'll never have) has a pink and green room in my imagination.  So I was in love from the get go with this quilt. 

A few pinwheels, stars, squares, 9 patches in pink and green random scraps and lines.  I love how this quilts was put together - I usually stick to lines so I am always in awe when people are able to pick random fabrics and end up with something so beautiful!  I think the polka dot border just sets it all off.  One of my most favorites prints ever!

Holly chose Clamshells which is one of my favorites (do I say that about every pattern?) but really you can't go wrong with clams.  They are perfect on every quilt.  The cute house backing just adds to this perfect quilt.  In all honestly - Holly is so lucky to have gotten this one back...

Holly's next quilt was a Round and Round.  What I love about Holly's quilt is that she did a rainbow of blocks.  What a fun and different idea to this wonderful pattern - but adds a uniqueness that is all her own.   

Holly used Orange Peel - which I think is required at this point with a Round and Round.  (I blame Carrie, she started this with her Round and Round!) But as I said yesterday - with the open spaces, kind of meant to be together! 

Her fun apple backing fabric!  What did I tell you - flawless taste this one has! 



Melia Mae Quilting said...

Those quilts are just gorgeous!!!! You did an amazing job! Where do you find time to do it all?

Holly said...

You are too kind! Thanks for sharing these! I'm in the middle of binding them all right now (finally). I absolutely love how the quilting turned out on each one. You really know what will look good! Also, I just have a few more backs to piece and then I can add a few more quilts to your ever growing list! Thank you Abby!!! xo