Monday, March 17, 2014

Client Quilts

Its been awhile - so prepare from some pictures below!
First up is Jenene who brought me this beautiful basket quilt. 
She chose Feathered Garden which looked great on this quilt - didn't over power the baskets but added great texture and design!

Michelle brought me this beautiful Round and Round

She went with the Orange Peel design - I kind of feel like these patterns were made for each other.  The Orange Peel looks so great in the open wide spaces of the Round and Round pattern.

Next up is Marsha's cute baby quilt.  I love these pinwheels and the bright fun colors!

She went with Chantilly Lace - which is such a classic design you can't go wrong.  I think this one looks good on everything!

Marsha's next quilt is this cute Michael Miller transportation panel.  I LOVE this fabric!  I bought it 7 plus years ago for Jake when I was pregnant and have never done anything with it!  But I've seen it out and about again so I think its been reprinted. 

Marsha wanted Bubbles which was fitting with the fun feel and polka dot borders and backing! Bubbles is one of my most favorite patterns - looks good on everything!

Next up is Marianne's "Hot Flash" quilt as she calls it!  Its crazy and busy and such a fun quilt! 

We went back and forth on what design to use because it was busy - and settled on Splat.  I call Splat my groovy pattern - I love how big and fun it is, which worked perfectly for this quilt!

Marianne's next quilt is this cute pinwheel quilt.  I LOVE the bright fun colors.  Makes me hope spring is around the corner!
Marianne let me decide on the pattern for this one - we had talked about Splat but I didn't want to use it twice in her batch of quilts - so I went with Retro Flowers - I have to tell you this is my FAVORITE flower pattern right now. 

I love the big flowers, swirls and leaves - perfect fit and looks great on every type of quilt.  And trust me I've used it a few times lately!  I also love this cute purse backing she chose! 

This next quilt is Eileen's and I can't get over how much I love this pattern she chose. 

She picked Deb's Feathered Rose - I first saw this pattern over at Quilt Hollow and quickly inquired about where she got the pattern.  She was so nice and helpful.  So I've used it on quilts in the past - and I liked it ok.  It is a REALLY dense pattern - and even though I'm a longarm quilter - I don't love dense quilting (am I crazy?) So after I used it a few times - it wasn't my favorite pattern.   

But Eileen picked it and I used this solid pink backing she sent along.  I was thinking how cool the quilting would look on this backing - so I enlarged the pattern a little.  Still dense, but oh my gosh - I REALLY love this pattern now!  The feathers were more defined the rose looked gorgeous.  I think when I did it before it was smaller and maybe seemed too busy for my taste.... but seeing it big - I now need to make a quilt of my own for this pattern.  So pretty and elegant! 

Goes to show me I still have a lot to learn and I love playing with all these patterns.  Thanks for getting this far - I have more to share this week in the client quilts section so check back tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Love them all! You've been busy! I'm getting back to it now that life is settled some again. Have you CS 5?