Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Tumblers

Tumbler quilts - never tried this block out before, but I've been loving the look for a few years.  I also decided it was time to vary my square pattern theme I've had going this year, and this was an easy way to divert.

When I first saw Lucy's Crab Shack fabric by Sweetwater, I thought it was cute, but nothing I had to have.  But I kept seeing quilt after quilt of this cute fabric, and needed to get a fix.  So I bought a few charm packs.  I first thought about doing a baby quilt, but decided I wanted to keep some of it for myself, and I ain't having anymore babies.  

So I went with the cutest plaid border and made a cute little table topper for my table downstairs.  I have enough charm squares left to make another runner and I may even use the other pack to throw together a little beachy throw quilt.  Something fun for next summer.

Doesn't this fabric make you want to head to the beach?  Or Martha's Vineyard and take a ride on your back to the shake shack for some crab and ice cream?

I had fun with this quick little project - it took me only 1 hour to sew the rows together and add borders.  Pretty good for a quick afternoon sew.  Its now on the quilting machine calling my name. Plan to have it bound by this weekend.  I've got one month of summer left and need to have it out!

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whit said...

oh my heck!! i love this!! you were hiding this from me!! love it

Carla said...

Very nicely done. I did a tumbler quilt out of this fabric too and I love it. Great job : )

Sabrina said...

Adorable! Loving the plaid border.

marta said...

super cute, ab! perfect for the hamptons!