Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fish Lake 2012

Every other year since I was a little girl my family has gone to Fish Lake for a family reunion.  Since graduating from high school I think I've only made it once or twice.  I lived away, busy, didn't love to camp etc etc.

Since being married Mike and I have gone once in 11 years.  We decided this year our kids were at a good age where it wouldn't be a horrible trip and thought it would be fun to venture into the world of camping.

Decked out in fishing gear

shooting a bow and arrow

Jake's BFF Sophia

Our first boat trip

The boys on their boat

Big Jim helping us out 

Our first fish - as you can see we're all thrilled

Jake gathering wood

My cute boys

Grama with Dylan



All the boys

Mel and Dylan

Ty playing with Sam

3 Generations

Fish Lake
What a fun trip.  We ate, laughed, fished, and my boys cried!  But it was well worth the trip!  Can't wait to go back.  


Polly said...

it was the best time. your boys were the best campers! can't wait to go again.

Polly said...
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whit said...

I sure love these pictures..the one of you guys in the boat..classic. Dad looks pretty cute too. I'm sad I missed out