Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture Wall

After 5 years of having our basement completed - we had this big empty wall with nothing to show on it.  I bought these frames a few months back and they have been sitting on my floor laid out just like you see here for about 4 months.

This weekend we decided it was time to put the fames on the wall - and I smile now every time I walk downstairs.  I love how it turned out.  May need to tweak the picture hanging from the ribbon, but other then that I'm happy.

Now to fill them with pictures - hopefully I"ll get that done before I realize its been 4 more months.

I'm getting the itch to redecorate the house.  I started by putting away the red white and blue and have starting putting up the fall colors and quilts.  Is it too early for that?  I feel like changing out my decor is keeping me from repainting the whole house....so I'll go with it for now!

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whit said...

love it..can't wait to see some pictures!!