Friday, July 22, 2011

What a Wonderful World

Last night I watched both my little butterballs fall asleep. I have to say there is nothing better in this world then my little sleeping Sam. He is so cute - whenever he turns over he smacks his lips over and over again, making the cutest little sounds. He is such a bundle of energy day in and day out, that to watch him be so still and peaceful is a small miracle all in itself.

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Today I spent the day with my kids in between emails and conference calls. Sam has a little airplane that plays What a Wonderful World as one of the songs. Everytime this song goes off, I immediatley think of my Grandpa Jiggs. He loved this song, loved Louis Armstrong, and lived by the mantra of that song.

I think about Jiggs often and all the great times we had together.  So much of my childhood is wrapped up in times spent with Jiggs.  I worked for him from the time I was in middle school.  Spent nights playing cards and dominos, going to Jazz games, having sing a longs with the family.  I think of how different life would have been if he was still around (and had stayed frozen in time as the grandpa I grew up with).  How I would have loved for Mike to have met him, for my kids to have spent time with him.  I would love to see Jiggs watch Tyler, Benji, and Bud all become fathers.  He would have loved to see these boys he was so close to turn into fathers.  And he would have loved all these little boys we all have - and the little girls - he would have loved the talent shows and singing those girls can bring! 

I love that a little tune from my kids toy can take me back years and remind me of such a wonderful man. And that his mantra in life is something I try to remember every day.

Sure miss ya Jiggs.

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polly said...

miss him too! when i am with all the little boys and my 4 big ones too, i think what fun he would have with them and how much fun he would have watching jamey coach and ty working on his new farm and loving dylan. he would have loved playing golf with mike. but hopefully he passed on his love of life and sense of humor, and the babies are hearing his silly songs. we were truly blessed to have him in our lives.