Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Friends

A few months ago I went to dinner with 3 of my oldest friends.  Courtney - whom I've known since I was 9 months old and she was born.  Emily who I don't remember when we met, but it seems like we've always been in each others lives.  Our friendship blossomed around the 7th grade.  And Angie, who I have known since 6th grade and spent all my middle and high school years running around with.

I cannot even begin to put into words how much fun we had.  Courtney and I drove together and it amazes me how even though we haven't talked in months even a year sometimes we pick right back up as if we talked on the phone yesterday.  I was in tears from laughing by the time we got to Angie's house.

We met Emily at the restaurant and we ate and laughed and talked for 3 hours.  We closed down the place went outside and talked some more.  I had told Mike it would be a late night, I don't think he realized I wouldn't walk in the door until nearly midnight.  (It was a Tuesday for crying out loud).  I don't get together with friends often anymore.  Everyone gets busy with work, family, kids baseball games etc.  But this was one of those nights I will remember forever.

I love the feeling of getting together with old friends who know you so well, even after all this time and space.  I love the feeling nothing has changed no matter how long it has been since we last talked.  I love talking about old friends from high school and Courtney pulls out her phone to her facebook page so we can all get a glimpse of so and so's life.  I love laughing til it hurts and tears are flowing.  I loved coming home that night and falling asleep with a smile on my face because these girls will be my friends for life.  I love writing this post and remembering the night with yet another smile on my face - I love those girls!

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Eliza Jane said...

I love friendships like that. They are so special.