Monday, July 11, 2011

Menu Mondays

After taking a break from cooking for the last....month or so - I've decided to get back into it. Mike and I are both trying to lose some weight for an upcoming trip and so we have really been watching it. I'm not watching calories - not saying no to anything, but with limited calories per day - one really has to think before eating. I made enchiladas last night - which the pan had 2400 calories in all - but I portion controlled them and make sure to get 12 servings taking it down to 220 calories per serving...pretty good for cheese covered enchiladas.

Monday - Pork Roast, corn on the cob, melon
Tuesday - Grilled Pizza
Wednedsay - Tacos
Thursday - Hamburgers (I'm going veggie style) w/ grapes
Friday - Cheese Tortellini w/ salad
Saturday - Cereal - hitting up Draper Days!
Sunday - Lemon Chicken - Jake asked for more chicken last time I made this - so good!

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