Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Jim

Happy Birthday Big Jim!

My dad has been a constant source of strength in my life.  He is always kind, loving, and caring to me and my family.  He has taught me the importance of hard work, loyalty, family, honesty and forgiveness.  He has taught me that life isn't fair, but you just continue on day by day.

He is a quiet man, but loves his family.  He is there whenever I need a sounding board.  He is a very strong, stubborn (sometimes too stubborn) man, yet has a very emotional side to him.  We have laughed together and cried together over the years.  He and I have a very open, honest relationship and I know no matter what I say to him, its ok.  Even if its to get after him about something.  We can always talk through anything and be ok by the end of the conversation.

I love to watch him with my kids - wrestling on the ground, playing with them outside, always trying to make them laugh.

I am lucky to have grown up with such a great man.  I am blessed to have so many of his traits (maybe not the stubborn one - I have it, but it may not be a blessing!)

I love you Dad, and hope we have years of celebrations left in us!


polly said...

happy birthday to Jim!

sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Jim! Thanks for coming to the shower, it was so fun seeing you guys! I need to get the family videos to you asap, you HAVE to watch them!