Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Mondays

I haven't posted menus the last few weeks, because I've only cooked once in about 3 weeks!  I've decided Sam is never going to eat a variety of foods, if he isn't getting them put in front of him - so here I go again with another week.

Monday - Tacos
Tuesday - Southwest Chicken Wraps
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese sandwiches
Thursday - Creamed Chicken over Toast
Friday - Salmon w/noodles
Saturday - Baked Taquitos


Christina D said...

Thank you for linking the recipe site for the Chicken Wraps. I found a few interesting recipes. I hope your family enjoys them!

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

sounds really good! :)

whit said...

southwestern wraps were delicious! Jas loved them. Thanks so much