Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Love

Not the picture you expected to see with the Mother's Day Love title, right?  I am hoping this little package of pretties finds a home with me this weekend! 

As for my real Mother's Day weekend - it started off with the cutest little card, from my little guy Jake. 

It will be ending with a quick trip down to Vegas.  Can you say lay out (right with 2 little ones), sun, shopping (again, right with 2 little ones) and maybe a little sewing...

Vegas with two little boys doesn't sound like the most fun - but 96 degree weather sure does!  I've been working, and working, and working the past 2 months which has caused me to ignore my kids, my husband, my sewing, loose my mind, and nearly drive me crazy!  A little R&R is much needed - even if it is in Vegas with 2 crazy little guys.  Will send updates along the way.

Hoping you have a warm Happy Mother's Day weekend too.

1 comment:

marta said...

you are perhaps the hardest working woman i know! have a fabulous time in vegas.