Sunday, April 17, 2011


This morning I was running Jake up to my mom's to go to church.  He started off by singing Show Me The Way to go Home - a family favorite.  Then the chatter began.  Telling me how when he gets big he can do this or that.  I wasn't saying much, just smiling to myself listening to his constant chatter.  He than said, "you know mom, I can be anything I want when I grow up."  I smiled again and turned to him and said "Of course you can.  Anything you want."

It amazes me how much of my mom I see in Jake.  The things he says, the songs he sings, the hugs and I love you's that come from his actions.  All these things are little pieces of my mom.  My children get to spend 3 days a week with Grama Polly.  They are so excited every morning when the door knocks and they both go running to greet her.  How lucky and blessed we are to have her as such a presence in our our lives.  The lessons I learned from my mom - are now being taught to my kids - by my mom!

From the songs we were sung each night before we went to bed, which are now sung to my kids at nap time.  To days in the sun and pool which are some of my fondest memories.  My kids spend their summers outside playing with Grama Polly in the backyard.  Being taught that I can do anything I set my mind to, was drilled into my head by my mom since before I can remember.  That lesson is obviously being taught to Jake.  Him saying in the car today "I can be anything when I grow up" is 100% Grama Polly speaking to Jake.

My mom is such a fun, caring, strong, loving person.  I love to spend time with her and see her laugh and smile.  I love watching her with my kids, and the cute little inside stories and relationship they have.  I love watching her transform her house from season to season, throw a party, or work in her yard.  She has such an eye and hand on all things beautiful.  I am so impressed with how she has grown and the strength she has shown me all my life, but especially the last few years.

I am so grateful I have such a wonderful mother in my life, and in the lives of my kids.  We all love you. Happy Birthday mom!


al + sar said...

Happy Birthday Polly!

polly said...

thanks for the beautiful tribute. lovely words from a lovely daughter.

patty said...

Abby, This is such a touching post.It brought tears to my eyes. Mothers are so imortant in our lives.Its fun to see how we do the things with our kids that our Moms did with us. Love you guys.