Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Jake

My little Honey Bunches of Oats is three today!  I can't believe how time flies.  I feel like I was just holding you for the first time yesterday.  Time really does change in a blink of an eye. 

Were do I begin? 

Jake - you are the sweet little boy who made me a mom.  You will always be so special to me because you made me who I am.  You and I have gone through so many firsts together and we will continue down this path of life together.

I have loved watching you grow.  I am amazed daily at all you have learned in your three short years.  This last year has been so much fun to watch you become the big brother you are.  I love how you hug Sam, and ask for him when he's not around.  How you worry about him falling or wandering off and scream at me to notice and grab the little guy.  I have enjoyed watching you having to learn to share - or when you're not in the mood you tell me "I don't know how to share".  There has been some rough patches between you two, some hitting and fighting - and I'm sure there will be plenty more, but watching you come kiss Sam and say "I'm sorry Sammy" just melts my heart.  I can already tell you will be a protector for your little brother.

You have become independent this year.  "I can do it myself" is something we hear multiple times a day.  A social little boy you are becoming.  Wanting to play with friends and the kids outside.  The other day I left you at the neighbors all by yourself for a bit.  I went over to check on you twice in 30 minutes!  I will have to get use to you being on your own.  You may becoming independent, but your mothers is not quite ready to let my baby go.

You have such a fun and curious personality.  I love to hear you say "Mom, I have to ask you a question" and then you go on and on about something - usually there is no question involved, you just want to talk.

Super Heros have become a big part of your life.  You love them all, and often run around pretending to be Super Jake or Spy Jake.  Watching you play provides hours of fun.  The imagination you have makes me laugh and I am so proud you are such a smart little boy.

I have loved watching you grow up before my eyes the last 3 years.  I love when I walk in the door you jump out of your hiding spot and come running to hug me.  Often times saying "I love you so much."  I love that you're still willing and wanting to be held and hugged.  We cuddle up to watch a show together or read a book.  I've found myself laughing as we watch TV and I notice you have an arm around my shoulder.  My heart aches that you won't always feel that way - so I savor these times even more.

Jake you are a sweet, happy, funny boy.  You know what you want out of life.  I can already see that you are a determined little boy.  I hope your fun, sweet, determined  self gets all you want out of life.  I hope you continue to be happy and have fun.  I love to hear your laugh, and I'm so lucky I get to laugh with you daily.  The joy I get from being your mom has made my life complete.  I know you were sent to me to make my life better.  The love you bring into our home is priceless. 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and another exciting year.

Love you,



What an awesome post!! Happy Birthday Jake u lil cutie!!!

marta said...

happy birthday darling jake! this was such a good post, ab. he seriously is such a sweetie. i love having mini conversations with him. you are a cute mom for these boys! have a fun celebratory day!!

whit said...

Happy Birthday Jakeybuns!! Great post Ab, I have loved watching you two together, you are such a great mom to that little boy. I'm so happy that he's in my life. I love that little kid so much.

The Neilson Family said...

Happy Birthday Jake!! Have a wonderful day! Love all the pictures Abby!

Travelin'Oma said...

This is a sweet post for a sweetheart.

polly said...

Happy Birthday to my Jake. I love being a part of your life. You remind me of your mom and dad all rolled into one. love, grama polly

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!
Congrats on being a mom for so long, Abby!

Kelly said...

That's the sweetest letter, I can't believe he's 3 either. Time sure does fly! Happy Birthday Jake!

patty said...

What a beautiful post Abby. What would we do without our wonderful children? You are a great Mom.( I knew you would be.) I can feel a mothers love when you write these things.