Friday, September 3, 2010

My Baby is 9 Months Old

Baby Sam -

Time is sure flying with you.  Every day you are doing something new.  Taking a few steps, standing up and down, maneuvering through your maze of toys.  I love the way you come crawling up to me and you don't stop.  Its like you're crawling up til you get to my neck for a big hug and kiss. TALKING.... your gibberish is starting to sound like words.  You say DADA a lot, and when I asked you where DADA is, you always look his way.  The last few days you have started to say something that sounds eerily like Jake.  You say AKE and you grab for him.  Could you really be saying his name already?  And how fitting that your big brother Jake, whom you seem to worship would actually be your first word?  I love watching you learn and play new games.  You love to play with toys that make sounds and have music.  You love to play peek a boo, and pat a cake.  Every night when dad comes home from work you crawl up to him to get thrown in the air.  You curl yourself up in a ball as you get higher and higher.  Loving every minute of it. 

You are such a happy child (when you're not teething).  You have a fun, deep, raspy laugh.  I'm excited to hear what your little voice will sound like.  You squeal and gabber and laugh at everything Jake does.  It is so fun to see the love you both have for each other.  Just last night, as you woke up at 4AM - you were wide awake.  I brought you into my bed hoping you would lay down and sleep next to me.  You leaned over to look at Jake and dropped a little kiss on his cheek.  And then you said clear as day AKE...(true story).

I love to watch you and hold you while you sleep.  You are such an active little guy that it is so fun for me to snuggle with you.  I love how you hold on to your blanket.  Sometimes sucking on it.  When you get tired if you see it on the floor you crawl over and bury your head into your blanket.  I can't believe how big you're getting.  Soon you will be a little toddler and baby no more.

You seem to have quite the personality.  Already knowing what you like and don't like.  You don't like baby food.  I have never seen a child close his mouth so tight.  As soon as I pull out the spoon, your lips are sealed.  Instead you like to opt for cheese puffs and french fries.  Already stubborn, already knowing what you want out of life.  Funny how you're not that great of an eater unless there is a chocolate pie or ice cream near by.  Then you seem to scream with your mouth wide open waiting for your bite.  If we aren't fast enough feeding it to you, you scream to get our attention.  I think you're gonna have a sweet tooth!  Good thing you have gotten 4 teeth already!  Cause you sure like your table food.

Sammy - you are such a fun little boy to have around.  You have lightened our lives.  We are so lucky to have a sweet, smart little guy added to our family.  It has been such a joy to watch you grow these last 9 months.  I am amazed daily at all you little ones learn to do in the first year of life.  How quickly you grow up.  I savor each and every minute I have with you.

I love you -

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