Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a fun family filled Labor Day weekend.

**If anyone can please give me advice on how to get my 2 year old and my 9 month old to look at the camera at the same time I'd forever be in your debt!

Friday night Sam, Jake and I spent the evening swimming.  Mike had to work late, so we played and splashed around for a few hours.

Early Saturday morning Mike decided to start a "small" project of moving our TV in the bedroom from the bookshelf to the wall.  We wrapped up the "small project at about 5pm on Saturday night.  The fun part of this day was that Mike wanted me to redecorate our bedroom.  I have found that I often times leave my room for last when cleaning, decorating, basically every thing.  So it doesn't always get the attention it needs.  I think that will change.  We have a new clean, cute room and I love it!  (We may never leave our room again!)

 The TV use to be on top of this.  It now looks like an cute bookshelf instead of a TV stand.  I love the clock and the glass dome.  My favorites by far!

A closer look at the glass dome.  I love the bird and kissing ball inside.  Turned out so cute!

Sunday we spent the day at home.  Whit came over for a bit to play, we did lunch, and I actually finished a project.  A little Halloween fun.

I just need to find a border and get some backing and then I'm done!  I think it turned out pretty cute.  Its from a Minick and Simpson line called Scaredy Cat by Moda.  I hope something in their Halloween line this year will match.  I love the polka dots they have.  I think orange and black polka dots around the border would add a little pop to this quilt!

Sunday evening we had dinner at my in laws house.  It is always delicious and always fun to get together with family.  The boys love Grandma Sharon and Grandpa so much.  I love to watch them play together.

Monday we went to the Zoo.  We have a good time.  Sam rode his very first carousel ride.

Did I mention all the food we ate this weekend.  I didn't cook once!  I think I gained a few pounds.  So this week I'm going for fruits and veggies and as close to nothing else as I can get!  We've got a trip coming up and I've gotta drop at least 5 pounds before we leave!


polly said...

your room looks beautiful! love the new decor and love a husband who doesn't love bare walls! Great pictures of those cute kids!

whit said...

love the room love the quilt love the zoo pictures..love the boys

marta said...

i never told you how cute your new room nook / bookshelf looks! you always put things together sooo cute. and that barn quilt show looked amazing, glad you got to go again!