Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend To Do's

Last Thursday I made a to do list and left it sitting on my desk.  I'm happy to say I got most of it completed.  Most of my lists I create at work are sewing oriented because that is what I was I was doing when I'm here.

-Finish 12 Days of Christmas blocks - Not only did I finish the blocks, I get them sewn together with the first border

- Sew Car Quilt - I made the cutest little boy quilt. I got it sewn and quilted this weekend.  Just need to get binding.  Picture to come soon.

- Quilt Something - I have a closet full of my own quilts I never get to, so this was my goal for the weekend to quilt something of my own.  I'm happy to say I quilted my car quilt and a table runner I had sewn probably close to 2 years ago!

- Bind ISpy quilt - I finished an ispy quilt top for Jake long before Sam was born.  I finally got the binding sewn on and we actually played a little with it this morning.

- Bind Luke's quilt - one thing I didn't get done on my to do list....(next week)

- Put quilts on Etsy - 2 new quilts were list at the shop head over and take a look.

My goal was to actually get some old projects completed and I'm happy to say I achieved my goal.  I love finishing off something that has been sitting around for a year.  I actually feel like I've accomplished a few things. 

We started our weekend off early on Friday by taking the day off.  Mike and I went golfing, to lunch, and then a movie (Inception - that could be a post all on its own, have you seen it?) It was a fun day with just the two of us, and much needed.  Saturday was a lazy day with the kids, and then a late night up sewing til 1am.  Sunday another lazy day.  Whit came over and we swam with the kids and then laid out for a bit while they slept.  I didn't go sew til about 8pm.  I love it when I can spend the days with my family and still have enough energy to get something done at night!  It was a very nice weekend.  Wish all my days were weekend days.

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whit said...

sew baby blanket for whit's sister in law should be on the top..right?? jk happy that you got lots done and we got to play. fun weekend. I'm on break now so there will be more swimming and having fun