Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been in love with this line since day one.  The big floral toile print, the reds and browns, the stripes and polka dots.  It has everything one could hope for in a line. 

I started this little quilt/table topper months ago and finally got it finished and in the shop.  I usually buy a charm pack of a line when it comes out if I love it.  I want to look at the fabrics and figure out what big quilt I want to make out of it.  Having the prints in front of me helps me decide what I need to make.  A pattern with a layer cake or jelly roll so I can get all the prints in, or do I just want to pick a few of my favorites out and find a fun pattern to use with those?  Decisions, decisions. 

Love this big toile print.  I want a quilt made of this and nothing else. 

I saw this quilt on this blog a few months ago and of course I have to make this one now too.  I love how she mixed the Martinique and Park Avenue lines. 

I really wanted to start it this last weekend, but decided to get a few other completed projects done first.  This is a must on my to do list!  This is a Miss Rosie pattern and looks surprisingly easy for a Miss Rosie quilt.  I can't wait to get going on it. 

I also have all the fabrics to make Nana's Attic.  My friend has made this out of Martinique and it looked beautiful. 

So hard to decide which project to do next.  I just want to sit and sew for a week straight!  Hopefully I'll get to these soon.

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polly said...

i love the big toile print too! beautiful!!!!