Friday, August 27, 2010

It's All About Fall

The weather here has been a little up and donw the last week or so.  Cooler temps one day, 90's the next.  Raining and thunder storms one day, not a cloud in the sky the next.  I have to say - the cooler days and the thunder storms get me so excited for fall!  There is something about this time of year that I love. 

I can't wait to put out my fall decorations (making their debut this weekend).  Its almost as big as Christmas at my house.  I love the orange, red, brown, and yellow leaves that we start to see.  Even the mums which I don't always love - tempt me when I see the beautiful big pots at Costco in late August. The oranges and rust colors pull me in!  I love the pumpkins, the soups, the ciders, the breeze that comes in the air.  I know its still August and I'm a bit early, but I am so excited for fall this year! 

Next year when Jake heads off to pre school we'll have to see how I feel about fall then...but for now I'm loving the rainy, cooler days coming our way!


Travelin'Oma said...

I'm glad you follow the Fall Tribute tradition!

polly said...

can't wait to see fall tribute tomorrow!