Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conversations with Jake

The other morning we were getting ready for work and Jake was playing in my closet.  I guess he broke something.

Mike: "Jake, why did you break that"
Jake: "It was an accident."
Mike: "An accident?"
Jake: "Yes dad, if you break something its an accident"

I wonder nearly everyday where he learns these things.  I guess we need to explain to him, if its done on purpose it isn't technically an accident....

I believe it was that same morning, I was doing the dishes.  Jake likes to pretend he's a chef "Chef Jake" as he refers to himself and make things while I'm in the kitchen.  I must have handed him a wooden spoon or something to use.

Jake: standing on a stool puts his arm around me and starts patting me on the back "thanks for sharing with me mom, that is very nice of you."

I must pat him on the back when I thank him for sharing with Sam (which is usually a problem). 

His little personality is so much fun right now!

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polly said...

he is so cute right now. can't get enough of him.