Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fandango Turning Twenty - Christmas Quilt Project

This was my final quilt from my Christmas Quilt project I started about December 10th or so.  This quilt was for my sister and was done out of Fandango by Kate Spain.  I used the Turning Twenty quilt pattern as she loves the big block look in quilts.

This was the only quilt I bought a back for.  I felt like the fabrics were different enough that I couldn't just slap on some random back.

I love this fabric line and my sister does too - so it worked out great!  I finished binding it on Christmas Eve - just in time to give it to her Christmas morning.  It was so fun being able to give so many quilts this year.

I had one for Mike that didn't get quilted - but I think I'll save it for Valentine's Day and do one for all my boys!  Gotta get started on that now.

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Carol Baum said...

I was looking for a Turning Twenty pattern and found yours. It's beautiful! Love the color layout.
I would like the pattern and would appreciate it if you could post it or a link where it can be found. Thank you!