Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Presence

I know I know, Christmas is long gone....but this is my first full finish of 2011!!!  This topper was a gift to my mother in law for Christmas.  She asked for it about 3 years ago.  I felt it was time to actually get it done for her.

I didn't get it bound in time for Christmas, but I told myself NO MORE WAITING!  If I didn't get it done right away, it would sit in a closet and not get done in time for her to put it out next year.  So I got it done.  I love the black fabric with the holly berries.  I think I have enough to make me something out of it also.  I love having a project done that has been nagging at me for years!

The pattern used was Nana's Table Topper by Pixie Girl Quilts.  It is a fun versatile pattern that works great for a baby quilt or a table topper.  Measures about 38 x 38.  


Laura said...

It's beautiful! you've got an awesome talent :)

Travelin'Oma said...

LOVE it!