Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fat Quarter Challenge - Fabric Selection

Tonight I spent some time splitting up my 25th and Pine fat quarter bundle into what fabrics I'm going to use for each pattern - thought I'd share my progress.

First up Vintage in the Simply Retro book
12 Fat Quarters

I decided I just wanted red/white/green in this one - using the white grunge for the background fabric.  I am SO excited to start this one - its getting cut and done this weekend!

10 Fat Quarters

Will be my next one - 

 The Carpenter Star Quilt Pattern
8 Fat Quarters

AND last - but not least - Shine by Sherri McConnell
10 Fat Quarters

I quilting up a fun summery quilt from Shine the other day and I loved it so much!  Makes me way excited for this one!  

I'm sure I'll end up keeping one of these (maybe two?) but my plan is to make a few quilts to have on hand for Christmas gifts.  It will be hard to decide which ones to give away!

If you're on instagram follow and/or tag #christmasinjulyalong to share your progress on any Christmas quilt.  If you join the #fatquarterchallenge tag it and there will be prizes!  Join in on the fun!

Need a Christmas bundle - no problem -

25th and Pine Bundles - 40 FQB - $105 plus shipping (retail for $136!) 4 available
Solstice - 32 FQB - $95 plus shipping  - 4 available
Holly Wishes - 31 FQB - $92 plus shipping - 1 available
La Fete de Noel - 28 FQB - $86 - 1 available

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NQuinn said...

I love the idea of using 25th and pine for the vintage holiday pattern. Perfect!