Friday, July 18, 2014

Client Quilts

I found a draft blog from APRIL - that I can't find that I posted - swore I did, so sorry if this is a repeat - but I like to document as many quilts as I can so I remember them all!

Kathy or Marshas (they bring the same quilts!) 
Loops and stars - love anything with a chain!

Marsha's Hexie quilt - using Modern Ties

Loved this backing!

Emily's cute chevron quilt - love the up and down instead of side to side - nice change up!

Loops and Swirls which is still one of my all time favorite simple patterns. 
I LOVED her backing - I'm so in to fun backings right now and this one was WAY cute. 

Emily's 2nd quilt was a fun Halloween one - her neighborhood quilt group all made these and it has been so fun to see how they've ended up so different!

She used Trick o Treat
Loved it on the minky back!

Lora Ann sent this fun football quilt.

She chose Geometric
How fun is this football backing!

This next quilt was so striking and bright!

She picked Spiral Squares

Christine brought me this Scrumptious quilt which she almost didn't get back.  Can I just say - I like this line when it came out, but it wasn't my favorite.  After quilt 10 - 20 quilts in this line - I now have to make 10 -20 quilts and it is one of my MOST favorite lines.  I love EVERYTHING out of this line!

Christine chose Tickle - This is such a great pattern - especially for the younger generation girls!
Loved the fun pieced backing!
Sherri - brought me 8 of these quilts - YES 8.  She makes these for all the girls on the Brighton Drill team?  Dance team? I can't remember which one - but they are the cutest t-shirt quilts I've seen!  I have another one on my machine as we type.  

She does the backs all in a stripe fashion which is like a reversible quilt which I love!  She chose Posies 2 and it looks great on this quilt (I think we've done like 15 now - and it still looks great!)

Kathy brought me a batch of quilts and told me to quilt whatever I wanted.  This usually stresses me out a bit - but I've been quilting a lot of Kathy's quilts over the years and I know her fairly well which made it so much fun!

I used Butterfly Garden on this one.

Another one of Lora Ann's quilts.  I think the pattern is Turning 20 to make an I spy quilt - so much fun!

She chose Loops and stars 

Brooke made this fun chevron quilt (same pattern as Christine's above) and I love the polka dot background!  

She used Tickle also - such a good pattern for these chevron quilts. 

Another fun backing!

Hope this wasn't a repeat but I had to make sure these are posted.  Such beautiful quilts!


Empty Closet Quilting said...

So many great quilts! I especially love that vertical zig-zag.

Patti K said...

Your work is beautiful! Makes the quilt look even better. I found you through another blog a few months ago and I love your quilting.

JusticeBlog said...

Oh my...that striped minky backing on the Halloween quilt - perfect!