Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Market Quilts - Client Quilts

This last weekend my phone and I were like glue as I couldn't stop staring at all the beautiful pictures from Quilt Market.  So much inspiration!

Do you have favorites you saw?  I'm getting ready to place an order - so let me know if you HAVE TO HAVE something.

Today's client quilt parade will be the quilts I was lucky enough to work on for some of the designers for market.  So much fun to get to see these beautiful fabrics in advance!

First up are a few quilts by Vanessa from Lella Boutique  She has an AWESOME new line coming out called Into the Woods that you're gonna love.  I've shown these quilts before, but wanted to share a few pics.  It was so much fun to see pictures these hanging up in her cute booth! 
We used the ever popular Orange Peel on this cute Cartwheel quilt.  I love the pink and red mix fabric she used on the back!

Next up is Snow Blossoms which has on been on my to do list forever!  I finally pulled fabrics this week to get working on mine. 

We went with the ever classic Baptist Fan.  Love how this quilt turned out.  I may have to use my own bundle of this line and copy this quilt. 

This last quilt from Vanessa is for a layer cake star pattern that was featured during Schoolhouse at Market.  If you google Quilt Market Schoolhouse you will see a few of the designers with these quilts - fun that they all turned out so different!  Vanessa  made a Mini Charm, Charm, AND a Layer Cake version and they are all different!  I'm going to have to keep rewatching to figure out which one I want to make.  I'm thinking a Christmas BIG star is would be just perfect!

I wanted to do something fun and different on this quilt - so sent over some ideas and Vanessa picked this fun bread basket design - its so new I don't have it listed yet!  I will soon.  See how cool it looks on the back!  Thanks Mary for showing me this design!  I'm sure it will be one we are both using a lot!

I was lucky enough to quilt up a few for the Basic Grey girls. 
They have this new cute pattern coming out - so new its not on their website yet!  (Amy - send me a link to your pattern so I can update this!)  Its made from their new line Persimmons.  Its got some fun colors and prints in it.  A corally orange, navy, birds, geometrics, florals.  every time I came up to it I found a new print I loved!
The quilting pattern used is called Circles and Lines.  I was a little worried about using this one - I mean it was a new to me pattern.  This is a new line - going to be at Market - in the Moda Designer booth, first time customer! So many reasons not to pick this one!  I played around with 2 other designs and laid them out - and then just went with this one.  I'm SOOOOOO glad I did - I LOVE how it turned out!
I think this pattern is fun and modern - adds great texture without overwhelming the fabrics.  Its a keeper!  And the floral backing was so cute! 

Their next quilt is from their pattern Mesmerize pattern redone in Persimmon's fabric.  We went with the Orange Peel for this one. 
This pattern is mesmerizing that is for sure!  I loved looking at it to see how the blocks were formed while it was quilting. 

What I love about this line is the mix of geometric, leaves, birds, florals - such a fun different mix and goes together so well. 

I was also lucky enough to work on the Schoolhouse star for Basic Grey.  Funny thing is - I had quilted Vanessa's and the next day quilted this one - I had NO idea they were the same pattern.  I emailed Vanessa and made mention of the star design and she explained the Schoolhouse idea - and I was like duh!  How did I not see it?  BUT that is what I LOVED about seeing the different designers with their quilts.  They all look so different using the same pattern!
I used another new to me design called Forever Flower and I love how it turned out.  This flower is big and kind of a more modern feel to it.  I'm really loving it.

Let me just tell you about the grunge in this line.  You can't see it here - but there is a taupey feel to it I will be buying BOLTS of this.  Such a great, warm background.  They used it in all 3 quilts and it was amazing to look at! 

Last but not least - was this beautiful quilt by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  I have to say every time I quilt for Carrie I shake a little during the process.  I mean - she is the QUEEN of QUILTING.  I am honored and pinch myself a little when she sends me a quilt. 
This pattern is called Sugarboo and is one of her big quilts she introduced at market.  First off - can't believe how many patterns she has releasing!  I want to make them all!  If you haven't seen them - RUN to her instagram account and take a look.  (Carrieandrosie)

Most of the fabrics in this quilt were from Color Me Happy, but she has some others thrown in too.  I love how she had her cornerstones random every other row - and she threw in a few different blocks with different sashing colors. 

I love the little flower that was fussy cut in the center!  Everytime I work on a quilt from Carrie I learn to come out of my box a little when sewing.  Who would have through throwing in a aqua and pink sashing so randomly in the middle of white would turn out so cute?  I don't think I would have a) ever thought of it and b) been brave enough to pull it off!  Which is why she is totally the queen!

She chose Clamshells - which is perfect on most any quilt!  These pictures are horrible - I think it was getting dark?  Or really bright?  haha I can't remember - but they don't do this quilt justice.  It was stunning.  I love the backing fabric she used also. 
I am blown away by the inspiration that is out there.  It was so fun to see the new patterns and fabric coming out this year.  I am so grateful I was able to be a small part in this industry I love so much.  Now I just want to take a week off and sew......


Anonymous said...

Looks good! It's fun to see "our" new designs in action! I can't wait to get a quilt top that lines and circles would look great on! Love that!

LeAnne said...

I loved the first quilt you showed with the Persimmon fabric line....a new pattern......I would buy a kit for that quilt in a snap!!

Empty Closet Quilting said...

So much inspiration!