Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesdays

I've got the middle section of my Lincoln Schnibbles done.  Loving how it turned out.  I'm going to add a purple tiny stop border and a black outer border and then quilt this puppy up.  Hope to complete before next Wednesday.  

I've been cleaning my sewing room and organizing my fabric the last month or two.  Almost to a stopping point.  Can't wait to show you the progress.  AMAZING what having the fabric out and right in front of you to help put a dent in the stash.  Since moving to this new storage system I've been using up my long last yardage.  I even found some blocks I started about 7 years ago that I threw together for a baby quilt the other night!

There are few quilts I have on my to do list - I'm getting in the Christmas mood.
- Granny Squares out of Joy
- Grace Lucky Stars quilt
- Blizten Hubble quilt
- My 3 Stars out of Hollywood and Vine
- Plan C from 12 Days of Christmas
- Vintage Holiday

All are Christmasy fabrics and most are I have an issue with stars?  I LOVE THEM!  I feel like every pattern I look at lately has stars involved!  Do you think I can get them all done?  The race has started....

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marcella said...

Good luck on your list - looks like some fun projects to look forward to sewing.

marta said...

gorgeous, as per usual!

Beth said...

Pretty quilt. I need some organization with my fabric too. Good luck on the finishes.