Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fig Tree Obsession

Is it just me or is Fig Tree on a seriously roll right now?  I am loving - LOVING everything they are putting out these days!

It all started with this quilt.

I love this pattern - you can make the quilt or make a table topper.  Both are on my to do list.  I bought a layer cake of Tapestry to make the quilt and some of those new Candy charm packs things out of Marmalade to make th topper - or the new French General line - and Double Chocolate - and Odds and Ends - maybe I should hand some out as Christmas gifts. 

The quilting on these new Fig Tree quilts is KILLING me!  Adds so much to the quilt.  So I bought this pattern.

A few weeks later I spotted this.

I saw it one day - saw a fabric bundle the next day so begged Mike to throw me a bone with some money attached so I could get my fabric fixation.  When I went to order - the kits were gone.  YES GONE!  I died a little.  I ordered the bundle of Christmasy fabrics and put a note with some begging and pleading to put me on the magical list to receive the next shipment of kits.  I went to bed in tears (not really) saying my prayers (this was important) that this kit would manifest itself and become available.  I was going through a serious withdrawl.  The thought of not owning this kit was giving me anxiety.  (I realize this is fabric, but I'm sure you all have felt this same way before).  Luckily Mr Eric Fig Tree himself gave me a call with the good news that they did in fact have a kit they could send me.  My prayers were answered, my fix was met.  Life could go on. 

Then I saw this pattern

Ok technically I had seen it in the Halloween quilt - because it is the same pattern, but so many options?  I was already receiving the pattern with the Halloween kit - so I decided to just add a jelly roll of Tapestry into the mix.  And of course come spring the Avalon version will also need to be made - I mean how could I not?

I waited a few days for my kits - and was getting worried at this point.  No email stating it had been shipped had come my way.  The withdrawls were starting up again - and I got another call from Mr Fig Tree.  I paid for 2 separate shipping charges, yet they were going to be shipped together.  Would I rather have a pattern sent.  Silly question - of course.

Enter the Milky Way

This pattern - with so many options - again.  Do you go the fireworks patrotic way?

  The red and taupe can't go wrong way?

 Or the Christmas red and green way? (I know this picture is cut off, but I can't get it to work right, but you get the idea)

All of them?  Again with the quilting on these - AMAZING! 

The funny thing is - and this happens every time.  I don't love the Fig Tree fabrics.  I see them and I'm not overly in love (except for Strawberry Fields - that was true love).  So I never buy the fabric when I first see it.  Then I see quilt after quilt done up in the Fig Tree fabrics and can't help myself.  I have to rush out and get as much as I can to make these dang quilts!  It happened with Butterscotch and Roses, with California Girl, Tapestry, I'm going to get a head start for Avalon - and lets not discuss how much fabric I have out of Strawberry Fields.  I just kept buying and buying that one. 

So there you have it - the Fig Tree obession I never knew I had until recently.  But boy are these quilts on my to do soon list!

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Heidi said...

Wow, Ab.
It's like I was just reading a medical journal... I had no idea quilting could be so intense. You rock that quilt world! It's like you're the Jack Sheppard of quilting. (I'm just LOST).
Have a good day!