Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Updates

The Halloween decorations have been put away.  A few fall/Thanksgiving items have taken their place for the next month.  Needed to wrap up October with a few pictures.  We had such a fun month full of activities and family.

We celebrated Jake's 5th birthday with a little fun at the bowling ally with Grandma and Grandpa Sharon.  Eating pizza, bowling, and playing arcade games.  Such a fun day!  Love the collage Sharon put together of the these pictures.

On Sunday we gave Jake his presents and had a little cake and dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Polly's house.
Jake's Star Wars cake

Sam had to have a turn with the candle blowing

Ken celebrated his birthday last weekend - and of course the kids had to help him with his candles.  Ken is so fun and cute with the kids.  We are lucky to have him around.  He even let Sam draw all over his desk with a marker.  That's how much fun Grandpa is!

Grandma and Grandpa Polly had our first annual Halloween party.

Jake decided that day he wanted to switch up the costumes and go as a vampire. Of course Sam had to change his costume also, but after we went and bought him one, he wouldn't wear it.  Look at cute little Dylan as a lion!

Grandma set up a spook ally in her secret garden.  Jake was brave and sat next to the witch.

We even stumbled upon the cutest Dorothy and her lion.

I want to suck your blood

Grandma and Grandpa

We even carved some pumpkins.  Sammy was so excited

Grama and Wren

Dad and Jake carving his pumpkin

Grandpa with the kids admiring their hard work

Whit and Wren

And on Halloween the kids went out in their real costumes.  Buzz Lightyear and Green Lantern.

It was so much fun to watch the kids run up to the door and yell "trick or treat".  Sam was so into it and loved every minute of it.  The past few years we've just circled our small street, but this year we hit 3 or 4 streets around us.  The kids loved every minute of it.  And what a beautiful night.  It was even warm!

We had a great October and are looking forward to the holidays coming up this month!

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