Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School

Jake -

Today is your first day of school, yet another milestone of how big you're getting.  A few weeks ago we went to meet your teacher and walk around the school.  As we drove up you said "this is a big school mom" and I had to hold back the tears.  Its so hard to watch my little baby grow up.  You made me a mom - made me, me - and now our Tuesday's at home together are being cut short by the adventures of school. 

I'm also excited for you - as you love to play with kids.  Meet new friends, learn everyone's name.  You are a very friendly, happy kid and I know you are going to make so many friends at school.  I always worry that my kids are going to be treated unkind or be the ones to treat others unkind.  Always remember to be nice to everyone.  Be the kid that everyone wants to be friends with because you are so kind.  You have such a sweet kind heart I know this will be easy for you.  Remember to share the toys and use nice words and you won't have any problems.

My little Jake, you are so smart.  I marvel everyday at the new words you're using.  You have always talked well and talked a lot.  You want to know what words mean, you ask questions, you want to learn and you soak everything up.  School will be your time to shine.  I know that little brain of yours will gather everything being said and taught. 

I'm so proud of your for taking this big step in life.  I know you're going to love school and have fun each time you go.  You make it easy for a mom to let you grow up as you are always excited to try new things.  My heart aches a little to see you go - and its hard for me to know you are so big you can spend a few hours away from me all on your own.  But I am so proud that you are independant and brave. 

Have a fun day at school, a fun year - this is the beginning of your life in school!  I hope you always have the desire to learn, grow, and make new friends.

I love you so much -



polly said...

he is growing up to fast for me too. he will do great at school!

whit said...

huge lump in my throat..i love this post and cant believe how big he is! he's going to love it

marta said...

where is the pause button?! he is such a sweet little boy; so thoughtful and loving and SMART! he was made for the first day of school. can't wait to hear how it went.