Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back on Track

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend.  I had an extra long weekend taking Friday off.  We spent the morning at Little Gym, road bikes in the park, played at the park, lunched with Whit, quilted with Ann.  What better way to start off my weekend? 

The previous weekend we decided at 6pm on Sunday night to convert Sam's room into a playroom.  He has refused to sleep in his crib recently, so why have a room devoted to his crib?  We spent the last week or so, looking for bunk beds and bedding.  On Saturday the beds were deliveried and the transformation began.  We spent the better part of the weekend putting together furniture, rearranging rooms, decorating, and cleaning.  Although not the most fun way to spend a holiday weekend - it is like a weight has been lifted and I'm so excited to be able to see the floor in Jake's room again.  It was being overrun with toys!  It is so nice to have the playroom and the boys room seperated.  I'm not ready yet to let Jake sleep on the top bunk, but its been fun watching the boys get up there and play.  Yesterday Mike made a fort for them throwing a blanket over the opening to the bottom bunk.  Hours of enjoyment. 

I also spent the weekend sewing.  Til 2am!  I'm working on a custom quilt order for a graduation present and I'm so excited with how it is looking.  A mixture of t-shirts, blues, greens, and white.  It is turning out really cute.  I hope my client likes it.  My goal is to get the borders on it tonight - quilt it tomorrow - bind it on Thursday and have it ready for pick up on Friday.  Hopefully the kids will cooperate! 

I've also been working on a little Moda Bake Shop project and a Bliss zig zag project.  When I saw the Bliss quilt I knew I had to have one.  How to people come up with such cute ideas? 

I have lots of pictures to share - just need to get them downloaded.  Be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like my dream weekend - playing at the park, lunching, re-doing rooms. So fun! You need to post some pictures of the new rooms - or at least email me some if you don't want to post them. I'm dying to see - your rooms are always so cute!

Hope all is going well with you and your boys. Take care.
Brooke Bags Iverson
PS - did you say it was Austin you lived in? We were just there this weekend, hanging out on 6th street, watching the bats, etc. Fun place.