Friday, May 20, 2011

The Quilt Store and the Liquor Store

Ever had one of those days?  Yesterday was a rough day .... I feel a pattern here.

I work from home on Thursdays - and it is turning out to be a challenge.  Sam had recently decided he doesn't like his crib.  As in SCREAMING hysterically anytime you walk into his room when its close to nap time or bed time.  If I lay him in his crib with his bottle and blankets he starts screaming and throws everything out of the crib.  I leave him to cry it out - yet he doesn't ever stop crying.  HOURS could pass.  HOURs I tell you!  He gets louder with time - he never lays down to fall asleep.  Just stands there screaming. 

Anyways - yesterday in an effort to get him to sleep so I could get some work done we went for a ride.  My thoughts were to run a quick errand and hit the quilt store.  I need a bella solid white charm pack.  So we drove out to Material Girls - they didn't have any - so I continued onward to Pine Needles at Gardner Village.  All the while - Sam was WIDE AWAKE in the back seat.  Mind you - I was in sweats - Jake was dressed, but had chocolate all over his sleeves (he uses his sleeves as a napkin) and Sam was in his pjs and no shoes.  (We don't get dressed on Thursdays).  I was thinking by the time I got to Pine Needles he'd be sound asleep - I already had the charm packs on hold - I could pull right up front, run in and buy them leaving the kids in the car.  Which of course didn't happen.  Jake had to pee, Sam was wide awake - so we all hit the village running.  I'm sure people looked at me like I was an unfit mother.  Kids not dressed, no shoes for Sam, no makeup for was a pretty picture. 

I got the charm packs, got the kids in the car and sat there thinking - I need to start drinking.  The liquor store was going to be my next stop.  What else can a mom do?  I'm overwhelmed with mothering the kids, cleaning my house (or not cleaning my house in my case), clothes piling up to be folded, a full time job, a quilting job on the side, and actually taking a minute for me?  (which I'm using to blog instead of sew).  I mean drinking has got to be my only alternative right?  So the quilt store and the liquor was going to be my next stop.  We drove around the parking lot and I saw the bakery....cookies, eclairs - oh a coke in a can.... so I ran in and loaded up (do you think I'm an emotional eater??? ummmm something to think about).  I had a coke and an eclair.  Jake and Sam had some honey boys, I even picked up a maple bar for Mike.  We were all happy - so I guess I could forget about the liquor store.  My need for coke and eclairs saved me from becoming a drunken mom.  Who knew emotional eating could save us all? 

BTW - Jake fell asleep on the way home - SAM not so much....HELP ME!!!


Christina D said...

Those days come, hopefully they are few and far between. Been there.
Coke and eclairs, that will do!

Travelin'Oma said...

Drive-thru donuts. I used to drive from Sandy to Trolley Square, kids in tow, to get a donut from Banbury Cross. I once drove, kids in tow, to Daylite donuts in American Fork (I think it's gone now) for my fix. That is how my children survived my motherhood.

polly said...

do i need to come home? no drinking allowed. just lots of chocolate donuts and there are plenty of cokes in my fridge. go over and enjoy a moment of solitude, just you and the flies.

Kelly said...

QUIT your job and become a writer!!!! Seriously, you are hilarious!!! Love it!

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