Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Goals

In an effort to get productive in my personal life (the last few weeks have been a bust) I'm making some goals to get done today.

1 - find camera - took it to baseball practice last week haven't seen it since....
2 - finish 4 patch blocks for Route 44 project (wanted to take a picture of my progress, which lead to a missing camera)
3 - make some kind of progress on quilt for my mom
4 - have several quilts to quilt this week - get one on machine and ready to start
5 - workout
6 - all laundry washed AND folded

I'm writing these down so I have someone/place to answer to....seems if I'm held responsible for something I work harder to get the goals achieved.  I'll keep you posted - with pictures!


Marge said...

Besides setting goals start using a timer. You will be surprised how much it helps. Set it for 15 min and clean a room. You race against the timer and you notice how fast you can finish a task when you are focused. My timer is also used when I'm watching TV or I'm surfing the net. When it rings "times up".

Thelma said...

Great goals to be sure, good luck. I think working out will be the hardest but will make you feel the best. I'm good at washing and folding the laundry, it's getting it in the drawers that's my downfall. I hope you have a great week, accomplish all your goals and more.

polly said...

turn on some James Taylor! as you know he can get you moving whether it's cleaning, quilting or exercising. And you'll be bringing up another generation that will love his music!