Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Lately I've been doing a lot of quick projects.  I like something I know I can get done.  I have to feel like I'm accomplishing something, so quick square type projects seem to be the norm for me lately.

After going to Winterfest  and starting on my Route 44 project with Carrie of Miss Rosie's Quilts I a bug to do some more advanced quilts.  Obviously I still have a ways to go on the Route 44 and on my Ric Rac schnibbles, but I've picked a few other projects too I'd like to create.

After seeing the Brown-Eyed Girl in person at Winterfest, I loved the pinks, yellows, reds, and browns together.  I love stars.  And these colors are so different from what I usually work with.  So for my birthday Mike gave me some fabric money.  My favorite thing to receive, but he REALLY hates giving up money for more fabric.  So it was a great gift!

I bought the fat quarter bundle, border, and backing along with the pattern.  Everything ready to go!  I loved the look of Carrie's so much, I'm not changing a thing.  Not very original on my part, but if its not broke why fix it?  The colors is what draws me to this pattern, so I'm copying the pattern to a T!

Who knows when I'll actually start this one, but I'm excited that I have everything ready to go.  My goal is to finish up Route 44 first.  I've got some quilting jobs lined up, a quilt to finish for my mom, and a custom order of a memory quilt I've got to kick out this may not get started til June or July.  I'm excited to tackle another project that doesn't just have squares!

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Anonymous said...

That will be gorgeous!! I was looking on FQS one day when Aster Manor was on the whats coming list. My youngest saw it and said she loved it and asked if I'd make her a quilt with it. I turned it into Miss Rosies Opening day and now I have a couple more edges to bind and it'll be done. Now I want to add yours to my long list of new ones to do.