Thursday, March 3, 2011

Imagination at Work

Jake has been collecting some Trio toys.  We had a deal if he would poop in the toilet which has been a huge under taking, he would get a little toy.  I think he milked it for all he could get, cause it took 5 of the 6 toys he wanted before he'd gladly sit on his own without drama and crying and screaming.

That being said the other day I was cleaning and Jake was busily playing with his new "friends" at the kitchen table.  I love how he lines them all up to count them.  I love how I can hear him playing and using little voices for each of his guys.  I especially love that he is on his own playing and building is imagination.

I think 3 may be my favorite age yet!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Ab! Hope you've had a good day... wait or was it yesterday? Whatever. Have a good one!

Kelly said...

I'm so happy to hear you say that you love 3 because I keep hearing how hard it is and I'm scared! I love the little voices Talon has started doing for his toys too. It's a crack up. Hey I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, I actually thought about calling or texting you at least two different times yesterday but then the day got away from you. I hope it was a great day!