Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Another great weekend.  Spent Friday night quilting and binding a quilt to get it ready for a bridal shower on Saturday. 

Met at my cousin Rachel's beautiful house on Saturday morning to celebrate my cousin Shanae's big day.  I think everyone should be able to re-register every 10 years or so for new everything!  So much fun to watch her open her gifts and get marriage advice from everyone. 

I was amazed at how so many of us had no idea what to write as advice when the time came to fill out a card.  Seems everyone just feels out what is right and goes with the flow.  I was happy to see I'm not the only one who has no answers!  What I ultimatley wrote was try to always have fun with each other.  Try to date, travel, and keep things fresh.  Young sweet.

Saturday afternoon I hit the movies with my good friend Elizabeth and then I hit the mall.  Decided to do a little shopping for Mike.  WITH HIS BLESSING, it was fun to go and spend some money and pick out outfits for him to wear.  I haven't done that in ages.  And what a money saver, that Sunday he took most of it back!  So I got my fill of shopping and money spending and he got the thrill of getting his money back.

While I was out, I got a call from Jake -- WARNING TOO MUCH INFO ABOUT TO BE SHARED -- "Mom, I pooped in the toliet!  And I want Sparks."  We have told Jake to get him going on the potty training thing that we would get him a toy if he'd poop in the toliet.  So as soon as he did, he called me with the toy he wanted already picked out.  He and Mike had gone through all the Toy Story 3 toys online and he had decided which one he needed me to bring him home.  He was so excited and proud of himself!  So I ran to the store and loaded up on a few items to help us get this journey in Jake's life going.  I had planned to start in a few weeks cause we've got a trip planned, but I guess Jake had other thoughts.  I'm happy to report he's gone a few more times since on his little toliet.  Let's hope it sticks!

Jake went to church with Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday.  He is feeling it out and deciding what the future holds for him.  I feel he is old enough now to make his own decisions and if he wants to go I fully support him.  Joking aside, I think he enjoyed himself.  In the car later that day I could hear him singing "if you're happy and you know it" to himself.  It was very cute. 

We spent the afternoon out in the sun swimming!  Jake thinks he's a fish and stays under the water for as long as possible.  Comes up for a breath and goes right back down.  I'm enrolling him in some swimming/survival lessons at the end of the month.  Sam on the other hand can only handle little bouts with the pool.  He did well for about 20 minutes in his floater and then was ready to get out.  I'm happy to report I do think he finally got a little sun on his face.  Its about time that boy got a little color on his WHITE skin!

For dinner we hit the local bowling alley, ate some pizza, played a game, and then hit the arcades.  It was so much fun to see Jake pick up the big bowling ball, run over to the lane and dump it down the ramp.  It amazes me daily how big he is getting.  The conversations we have, the way he runs all over the place like he owns it, the going to the potty on his own.  I've got me a little boy here, not a toddler!  Can't believe my baby isn't a baby anymore! 

All in all, we had a fun great weekend.  Even got caught up on Lost  - I know I'm a little behind.  Still have the final hour to watch but we got through about 5 hours this weekend!  My house is a wreck, but we had fun.  And in life isn't having fun and making family memories more important then a clean house? 

I woke up this morning wondering how much fun we were going to have today, then realized its Monday...back to the grind.


patty said...

Abby, these are the best times of your life. It's ok to leave things undone when you have such important people to tend to. Enjoy every minute of these little darlings.( all three of them )

marta said...

wowza; what a weekend! glad you got to do so many fun things. spending money on the husband (with his blessing) sounds dreamy!! what a great idea; will have to try it sometime. congrats to jake on the big step in life. hooray for your little boys becoming such big boys. enjoy those cute moments.

Heidi said...

Exciting Ab, potty training is a big deal! Liza & Jill are getting there, they've been wearing pull-ups for a week and doing awesome. I'm hoping I'll have a whole box of princess pull ups to send your way. Mike would be okay with princesses, right?

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What a great weekend - time with family and friends, shopping, and potty training going well - (smile)! You can't beat that!!