Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Big To Fast

I am amazed everyday at how much Jake is growing up.  Every day he does something new and I have to think to myself, he isn't my baby anymore.  On the way back from Hawaii he was in the middle seat sleeping.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that he is a toddler....a little boy...almost out of diapers...having conversations...when did this all happen????

He's riding around the yard in tricycles and big wheels.  He's swimming, he goes to swim lessons and gets in the pool all by himself, without his mom.  He sings/yells his abc's to me.  He helps with Sam.  He's a little person.  I never thought I'd be glad to have him in bed with me still at night, but I have to say, I love cuddling up to him each night.  He says "Goodnight Mom" in his cute little voice, "I love you." and closes his eyes for the night.  I love that he grabs my arm to put it around his little body.  So even though my baby is growing up, I'm happy to say he still loves to be held by his mom.  I dread the day that will change.

Until that day I'll keep snuggling with my guy.

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polly said...

he is so much fun to watch grow, and the best cuddler!