Thursday, June 3, 2010

Six Months

Sam -

I can't believe how quickly 6 months has flown by.  We are so lucky to have you join our family.  You are a bright, happy, smiling, laughing, squirmier, and we can't get enough of you. 

I love how you smile every time someone new walks into a room. Your face lights up when you see me or your dad. I love watching you watch Jake. You expression says it all when you look at him. Always smiling and trying to push your way over towards your big brother. I'm so excited to see the two of you be best friends.

When I hold you at night or before laying you down, I love how you put your arms around my neck. Already giving little hugs and showing your love. Your sweet little smile gazes up at me as we rock to sleep. Your little blonde hair is coming in now, it tickles my face when I hold you close. I can't wait to see how it grows and how you continue to change. I love when you're laying in bed and about to fall asleep and you start kicking your little legs as you fall into your deep sleep. I love how in the middle of the night you wake up (I don't love that part) but when I come in to feed you, you've flipped over and are waiting and so excited when you see me. Kicking and smiling, as if its 3pm instead of 3am! Always puts a smile on my tired face.

You are such an active child. You love to walk and play in toys where you can stand. You are up on all fours, trying to move across the room already. Yesterday you even sat up in your crib on your own for the first time! You have the tightest grip. You love your toys and your shows. I've never seen a child so excited for a Baby Einstein. You smile at funny parts and at the puppets. I can already see your mind working. What a smart child you are.

You are stubborn and know what you want. For the most part you are a very good baby, but you have days where you want to be held A LOT! I love how when I try to put you into your walker you lift up your legs and then cry out. Telling me you don't want to be put in there, but want to be held. You make it as difficult as possible to get you in there, protesting the whole time. Usually within minutes you are happy and content playing though.

I love watching your dad play with you. I can often hear your little giggle as he's getting you ready for bed. Always playing games with you trying to make you laugh. Often times you giggle before he has even made him move, anticipating what he's going to do next.

Every morning when you wake up at your very early hour, I pull you into bed with us. I love watching you interact with Jake. Grabbing at him or trying to lay right next to him. I am so excited to see the two of you grow together, play, whisper, and be the best of friends. I can already see the love between you and hope it continues for years to come.

The best little baby we could ever hope for falls asleep in my arms each night. I love you so much and am so grateful you came into our lives.

I can only imagine what you will accomplish in the next 6 months. I love watching every minute of it!

Love you,


Kelly said...

Such a cute post Ab! I hope you print out the letter and give it to him someday. SO many things you mentioned reminds me of Talon. It makes me want another even more. You're such a cute momma!

whit said...

Cute post..such a sweet boy. Cute little family you've got

Polly said...

He is a cutie! love his little chubby legs and his hugs and wet kisses. So grateful to be a part of his world.

Travelin'Oma said...

What a sweet post. I love the bottom picture especially.